Isawa Ahiro

Isawa Ahiro

Isawa Ahiro was a shugenja of the Phoenix Clan.

Childhood Edit

Ahiro's mother died during the childborn of her two twins, Ahiro and his brother. Their father sent them to the Elemental school, and when they were fourteen he died in the Crab lands while battling an Oni. [1]

Haunted Edit

Their father had died being tortured by the demon, and his soul was released into Meido. He haunted his children as if they were responsibles of his wife's death. [1]

Love Edit

The twins fell in love with Shiba Tirue, but eventually she and her father were disgraced as traitors, accused of selling Phoenix secrets to the Scorpion for personal gain. The father had betrayed the clan, but Tirue's implication had been forged by the Scorpion with the acknowlegement of Ahiro's brother, whose intent to blackmail the Scorpion with the secret had backfired him. Ahiro dedicated his life to hunt down his brother to reclaim his love's true heritage. [1]

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