Iroshu founded Dojo Raiden in 644. When the retired bushi visited his old dojo he was struck by how lax the discipline of the students was, and was outraged by the fact that where he had spent his entire life working to defend the interests of the Mantis the youth of the clan were being taught by lax sensei. The next morning a furious Iroshu challenged the master of the dojo, accusing the young sensei of intentionally sabotaging the clan. Iroshu soundly defeated the man and carried the body to the nearby cliffs. The students followed their new sensei to where would become their new dojo. Iroshu named the place Cliff of Weakness, and threw the previous sensei's body over the edge, declaring that anyone who failed their training would suffer the same fate. Over the years the dojo has in addition of focusing on the martial arts increased the training in the merchantile arts also. [1]

Preceded by:
Master Sensei
644 - ?
Succeeded by:


  1. Way of the Samurai, p. 47

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