The Iron Fans, also known as Order of the Tessen, was a otokodate created in the Imperial City, Toshi Ranbo, to keep the streets safe. They developed the Chisaijutsu martial art with their weapon of choice, the tessen. [1]

Crane Edict Edit

In 1166 the Crane Clan was appointed to patrol the Toshi Ranbo streets alone, releasing the Lion Clan of this duty. [2] They were concerned that the war-weary populace might revolt against both sides, and issued an edict forbidding any non-Crane residents to bear weapons within the city. [3]

Patroling the Streets Edit

Many ronin were angered that the endless war between Lion and Crane left their samurai little time to keep the streets safe. They organized themselves, assuming the role of vigilantes and carried the iron fans that were their namesake in the place of forbidden swords. [3]

The Shogun Edit

The Iron Fans had a strong link with Kaneka, the Shogun. He trusted them and used when a ronin could do things that a Shogun's soldiers could not. [3]


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