Junzo's Dark Citadel

Junzo's Dark Citadel

The Iron Citadel of Fu Leng was created by the second Black Scroll, named the Iron Citadel. The Scroll was opened and used by Yogo Junzo to create his base of operations within the Shadowlands. The fortress became the gathering place for Yogo Junzo's Army, an horde of walking dead, oni, and Tainted mortals. [1]

Infiltrated Edit

Iron Citadel

The Iron Citadel

Junzo's Dark Citadel was infiltrated by Isawa Tadaka, who stole another Black Scroll from Junzo, the fourth in the possession of the Phoenix Clan. [2]

Second Citadel Edit

In 1166 Iuchiban used the Black Scroll to build a new citadel on the Ruins of Otosan Uchi[3] which collapsed once the Bloodspeaker died later this year. [4]

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Yogo Junzo Stronghold 2

Yogo Junzo Stronghold

Yogo Junzo Stronghold

Yogo Junzo Stronghold

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