The Iron Citadel Edit

The Iron Citadel-card

The Iron Citadel

Edition Forbidden Knowledge
Legality None
Traits Black Scroll • Unique
Text Give this Shugenja a -1C Corruption token each time it straightens.
Limited: Bow and destroy this Shugenja and this spell. Your Stronghold is replaced permanently with the Iron Citadel of Fu Leng, which has the following stats: Unique, Province Strength 15, Gold Production 0, Starting Honor 0, and no special abilities. You may not win through an honor victory. Your clan affiliation and current Honor total are unchanged.
Flavor -
Rarity Rare
Card Type Spell
Gold Cost 0
Focus Value 3
Artist Tom Biondolillo

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The Iron Citadel, Experienced Edit

The Iron Citadel Exp-card

The Iron Citadel, Experienced

Edition Wrath of the Emperor
Legality Diamond
Traits Black Scroll • Shadowlands • Experienced • Unique
Text Limited: Bow and destroy this Shugenja and remove this Spell from the game to permanently raise your Province Strength by 3. Permanently gain "Reaction: After one of your Maho Spells or Maho Kihos resolves, bow your Stronghold to permanently raise your Province Strength by 2." You may not win an Honor Victory this game.
Flavor -
Rarity Rare
Number 148 / 156
Card Type Spell
Gold Cost 6
Focus Value 4
Artist Tony Moseley

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