The Iron Book was the name given by the Ujik-Hai to the exacting set of laws handed down to them by the Shi-Tien Yen-Wang. [1]


The codex of laws known as the Iron Book was given unto the Ujik-Hai shortly after they adopted the Lords of Death as their gods. It shortly became as infamous as the Ujik-Hai and the Lords themselves, becoming synonymous with terror until confronted with the Ki-Rin. After abandoning the Lords of Death in favor of Shinjo, the Iron Books were cast into the Burning Sands and abandoned for a thousand years. [1]


The Iron Book as a text was extremely complicated and bizarre, listing exacting and brutal punishments for every conceivable crime. Said punishments were excessive even by Rokugani standards, and calculatingly specific, examples being those who murdered their families to be forced to ingest molten steel, or thieves to have their hands eaten off by panicked rats in a heated cauldron. [2]

The Iron Book in RokuganEdit

With the re-emergence of the Shi-Tien Yen-Wang as Fortunes in Rokugan had come the return of their laws. The Iron Book was now the sacrosanct text of their followers, the Moto Death Priests. With their ascension to co-rulership of Meido, their laws and terrible punishments now extended into the afterlife, and were applied to those found guilty by the Lords until they were finally allowed to reincarnate. [3]


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