Iongi family
Patron family: Komori family
Clan: Bat Clan
Founded: 1167
Daimyo: Komori Iongi

Iongi family was a vassal family in service to the Komori family of the Bat Clan.

Founding Edit

Moshi Iongi was a male shugenja in the matriarchal Moshi family. He worked several years onboard Yoritomo kobune, and he eventually was first mate under the command of Yoritomo Rui. [1] In 1167 [2] they found the Tetsubo of Thunder, which was passed onto the newly Bat Clan Champion Komori. Iongi joined the fledging clan and worked tirelessly to build the first temple of the Komori family. Iongi was granted his own vassal family for his dedication. Iongi, his wife, their two adult children, alongside their spouses, bore the family name. [1]

Iongi Daimyo Edit

Komori Iongi 1167 - Present


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