Clan War Information Edit

Invincible Overlord

Invincible Overlord was the most trusted of Fu Leng's servants and the highest ranking Overlord. He has an overwhelming presence and dominates his army through sheer forcé of will.

Values Edit

Void +1
Wounds +1

Skills Edit

Battle +2
Leadership +2
Defense +2
Iaijutsu +2
Tactician +1

Special Edit

  • Overlord Package
  • Unique
  • Any unit led by the Warlord cause Fear
  • A unit led by this personality cannot rout while this personality is alive
  • Requires Glory of 7 or greater

Equipment Edit

  • As per Personality

Identifiers Edit

Cost +120
Profession As per Personality
Glory +2
Honor -

Major References Edit

  • Clan War: Shadowlands Army Expansion, page 35

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