Heavy Infantry

Heavy Infantry

Infantry were bushi who were specifically trained for the role of fighting on foot to engage the enemy face to face and bore the brunt of the casualties of combat in Rokugan's wars. They were the backbone of any army.

Infantrymen were distinguished from soldiers trained to fight on horseback (cavalry) or in technical roles such as signallers, but basic infantry skills were fundamental to the training of any bushi, and samurai of any part of an army were expected to serve as auxiliary infantry (e.g., patrolling and security) when necessary. Infantry could access and maneuver in terrains inaccessible to horses.

Light Infantry Edit

Units of light infantry consisted of bushi that had been trained to move quickly and strike fast. They carried no armor and only a few weapons, to better outmaneuvered their opponents. [1]

Medium Infantry Edit

Medium Infantry were the backbone of any Rokugani army, a balance of effective weaponry and flexible maneuverability. They wore light suits of armor and carried uniform weapons identical to the other bushi in their unit. [2]

Heavy Infantry Edit

Heavy Infantry units were designed to inflict deep damage upon their opponents. They wore full suits of armor which provided good protection but limits their freedom of movement. [3]

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