Created by: Fu Leng
First used by: Mutsuhito
Currently in the possession of: Unkown

Indomitable was a suit of armor crafted by Fu Leng himself during the First War as a gift to Mutsuhito, one of his first human followers.

Appearance Edit

Indomitable was a suit of black Heavy Armor was encrusted with bloodstains, which called out to those who were Tainted or who seemed susceptible to the lure of the Taint. It was comfortably worn even by those who were not accustomed to wearing armor. [1]

History Edit

Origin Edit

The armor was crafted by Fu Leng as a gift of one of his first Lost followers, Mutsuhito, chieftain of the Tribe of Noriaki. After the Day of Thunder Mutsuhito raised as a Hyahukei, a self-willed undead. Unable to reunite the minions of the Shadowlands under his will, the fallen Lost threw himself into the Festering Pit, leaving his armor behind. [2]

Shadowlands Nemuranai Edit

Generations later a corrupted shugenja stumbled upon it, and used the armor for a time, until its power overcame him. It was found by a tainted Crab scout, who was its wearer for three decades until his former kinsmen hunted him down. Many other found and used the armor, each time destroying its wearer in some way, either direct or indirect. [3]

Rokugan Edit

During the invasion of Kali-Ma one of the gaijin who led the Destroyers was its wearer. He died in the Empire, allowing Indomitable to finally enter Rokugan. [1]


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