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RPG Information Edit

Improved Animal Form (Shapeshifter Ability, 2 points, 1 point for Kitsune or Tanuki)

A Hengeyokai with Improved Animal Form Shapeshifter Ability may assume an alternate animal form that is obviously unnatural, but possesses greater power. [1]

The following list describes the Improved Animal Form for each of the Hengeyokai races:

  • Fushicho and Ryu: appear the same as normal form.
  • Inu: an enormous dog with unusually colored fur.
  • Kitsune: a nine-tailed fox with black, silver, or white fur.
  • Saru: a monkey with metallic bronze or gold skin.
  • Tanuki: a human-sized, pot-bellied badger.
  • Tsuru: an elegant human with a sharp beak and white feathers.
  • Usagi: a tiny man with the head of a rabbit.


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