The Imperial Water Gardens were located in the Forbidden City at Otosan Uchi.

Creation Edit

Hantei VI [1] hired the finest artisans and shugenja to build the gardens and draw the kami to them. It was built as an island maze, with self-contained water which was drained once a year during winter court, a time the Emperor was outside the Imperial City. A replica was built to partake Emperor's glory with the massess, but the Hito Water Gardens was not an exact duplicate of the original. [2]

Hiding Place Edit

Small bridges connected the islands, which were decoreated with gazebos, fountains, and arches brazing lanterns. The intensity of the lanterns' light was controled, and the variable illumination allowed correct vision of the adjacent island, but vision beyond that was blurred at best. The Water Gardens were considered the better place to hide in the entire Forbidden City. [1]

Fall of Otosan Uchi Edit

In 1159 the Imperial City suffered the assault of Daigotsu's forces, and later was put to the torch by the Lion Clan. The islands were now desolate, and the water of the lake glowed an eerie red. The places was tainted, mutating the plants of the islands into fudoshi, predatory vines. [3]


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