Otosan Uchi Undercity

Undercity Layout

The Imperial Labyrinth laid beneath Otosan Uchi, inside the Imperial Mound. Access tunnels could be found from the Imperial Palace, Kyuden Seppun, Kyuden Otomo, and along the shores of the Scorpion's Tale. Scorpion had cast wards upon most of the labyrinth and nearby tunnels as well and it was guarded by the Imperial House Guard. [1] From the Imperial Labyrinth, an escape route followed the tunnels to the shore of the Bay of the Sun. [2]

Scorpion Coup Edit

Most of the tunnels and sea caves beaneath the Imperial City were collapsed by the fighting during the Scorpion Coup, or after the Coup by Imperial Edict, as the undercity was seeing as a threat by the Imperial Court. [3]


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