Writ of the Herald

Writ of the Herald

Imperial Herald served as the personal herald of the Emperor. The name also refered to the agents that individual oversaw, the Imperial Heralds. [1] This post was part of the Emperor's Chosen. [2]

Creation Edit

The position of Imperial Herald was longer even than the Emerald Champion. The position was created in the Dawn of the Empire, when Hantei needed to tell the victory over Fu Leng. The office was typically held by the Miya Daimyo. [1]

Duty Edit

The Imperial Herald also oversaw the adjudication of Miya's Blessing, and commanded the Miya Heralds. [1]

Imperial Heralds Edit

The Heralds used to be drawn from the ranks of the Miya family. They spread the word of the Emperor to Rokugan, carrying news, proclamations, laws, and edicts. The Imperial Herald's personal stables had the finest horses in the Empire, and were used by the Heralds to do their work. They possessed a unique back-banner in the sashimono style, identifying their station. It was also accompanied by a horo symbol of the Miya Shisha. [1]

Imperial Heralds Edit

The following is a list of the known Imperial Heralds:

Miya Yoto  ? - c. 1122
Miya Satoshi c. 1122 - c. 1128
Miya Yumi c. 1128 - 1160
Miya Dosonu  ? - 1150
Miya Shoin 1160 - 1198
Miya Kiyokaizu 1198 - 1200


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