Ivory Court

Suikihime's Colonial Court

Imperial Governor of the Colonies was the representative of the Emperor in the rokugani colonies of the then ruined Ivory Kingdoms. He was given direct command of the capital of the colonies, the Second City. [1]

Mandates Edit

The exact extent of the Governor's mandates were unclear, but during the leadership of Otomo Suikihime the position of Ivory Champion was established. [2] Suikihime devised a system of bureaucracy that would flounder without her, one that those unfamiliar with her system would find impossible to navigate. [3] While the first Governor Ikoma Katsuru re-created the Second City as a mirror to Toshi Ranbo, Suikihime did not wish to preserve the traditional ways, but to find something new, something the world had never seen before. Her first act was to restructure the entire Ivory Court. [4]

Political Turmoil Edit

When the Second City was besieged by the Ninth Imperial Legion, Otomo Suikihime fled the city with the help of the Scorpion Clan and the Mantis Clan. The position was left vacant with the Kuni Daimyo Kuni Renyu as interim governor. [5] This caused the leadership of the Colonies to change several times. [6] Eventually, Iweko I decreed that Kuni Renyu should be the interim governor until she would decide who would serve her will as Imperial Governor in the Colonies. [7]

Empire In Exile Edit

In 1200 the Emperor Iweko II ordered the evacuation to the Colonies, to save the Rokugani from the rebellious Spider Clan, who aided by endless Shadowlands beasts overrun the Great Clans. He established the Empire In Exile and the Colonies became to be known as the New Imperial Territories. Most probably the title of Imperial Governor of the Colonies disappeared. [8]

Known governors of the colonies Edit

Ikoma Katsuru 1182 - 1198
Otomo Suikihime 1198 - (c. 1198)
Kuni Renyu (c. 1198) (only a few days) (Acting Governor)
Iweko Shibatsu (c. 1198) - (c. 1199) (Acting Governor)
Kuni Renyu (c. 1199) - 1199 (Acting Governor)
Otomo Suikihime 1199 - ?


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