Imperial Edition Starter Quotes
Written By: Unknown
Edited By: Unknown
Released: Unknown
Link: [1]
Story Year: 1123 - 1128

Clan Crab Edit


Crab Clan

For Generations the Crab have held back the horrors of the Shadowlands, but times have changed. Now they have embraced that which they have fought against for so long, turning their mastery of warfare against the Empire they sword to protect.

"You are always blind to your truest enemy, for he is behind your eyes."

Clan Crane Edit


Crane Clan

Their ambassadors are in every court, their merchants in every city square. They are not masters of war or magic, but their skill in the civilized arts is unmatched by any. No Clan can claim the wealth and prestige of the Crane.

"When I have a voice in the Emperor’s ear, I need no general in the field."

Clan Dragon Edit


Dragon Clan

Weaving steel and sorcery into a mighty force, Clan Dragon is the most versatile in battle. With their secret rituals and ancient magic, they are an enigma to the other Clans. Isolated in their lands, they avoid the politics of Rokugan.

"What you do not understand can kill you."

Clan Lion Edit


Lion Clan

One of the oldest families in the Empire, Clan Lion is known for its rigid discipline and respect for tradition. They hold the warrior’s code of bushido above all things. Money and sorcery are toys, for honor can only come from the courage shown in battle.

"Lose your fear, and you gain the world."

Clan Phoenix Edit


Phoenix Clan

Of all the Clans, the Phoenix best understand the mysteries of the Five Rings. Their Elemental Masters are the most powerful in Rokugan. They prefer peace and solitude to the madness of war and will do what they can to bring the violence to an end.

"You cannot conquer the elements. You must learn to dance with their harmony."

Clan Unicorn Edit


Unicorn Clan

You can hear them thundering across the hills. Unicorn is one of the youngest Clans, but has achieved great honor in a short time. They are devoted to the welfare of the Empire and putting a Unicorn on the Emerald Throne.

"The art of war is to put your enemy in a position that he cannot fight from."

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