Imperial Edition

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Title Flavor Text
Agasha Tamori "I have often been amazed by the skills of the Dragon Shugenja, but Tamori has always surprised me with his skill, talent and strength." - Isawa Uona
Air Dragon "---"
Akodo Kage "---"
Akodo Toturi "One must bow to offer aid to a fallen man."
Alhundro Cornejo "---"
Alliance "---"
Ambush "---"
Ancestral Sword of the Crab Clan "---"
Ancestral Sword of the Crane Clan "---"
Ancestral Sword of the Dragon Clan "---"
Ancestral Sword of the Lion Clan "---"
Ancestral Sword of the Phoenix Clan "---"
Ancestral Sword of the Unicorn Clan "---"
Animate the Dead "If you want to know 'How' I cannot say. 'Why' should be obvious enough." - Kitsu Toju
Apprentice "There is nothing to match the exuberance of youth. . . except, of course, wisdom and treachery." - Bayushi Katchiko
Archers "We charged up the hill, following the fleeing troops. Just as we reached the top, we looked down and saw a thousand arrows soar into our ranks. . . "
Asahina Tamako "---"
Asahina Tomo "He has never been seen outside of a Shugenja temple, let alone set foot on a battlefield."
Asako Yasu "---"
Avoid Fate "---"
Barbican "---"
Battering Ram Crew "Thunder from the other side of the gate. Our fists twisted about our spears as we waited for them to break through. Not long now. . . "
Bayushi Kachiko "---"
Bayushi Togai "Let them think we are weak. Underestimation makes revenge that much easier."
Be Prepared to Dig Two Graves "---"
Biting Steel "The sharpest blade does not win the duel, but neither can you be victorious with mere conviction in your hands."
Blacksmiths "Let the Lions have their copper and the Phoenix their silver. Only truth is harsher than steel."
Blackmail "---"
Blazing Arrows "---"
Block Supply Lines "One bushel of our enemy's foodstuffs is worth one hundred of our own." - Sun Tzu
Bloodsword "And when the cut was made, I watched the samurai fall, cold and empty of life and blood."
Bloom of the White Orchid "Only once a year does the White Orchid bloom, and upon that day, knowledge is passed freely between all Schools of the Shugenja."
Bon Festival "We honor those who have lived before. We will remember their great deeds, and learn from their follies."
Bountiful Harvest "It is a fool who looks only to the battlefields for the means to victory."
Breach of Etiquette "Sometimes the downfall of houses hinges on a fumble of the wrist." - The Tao of Shinsei
Break Morale "You cannot expect to lead by example when your own actions cause the army's faith to falter."
Brilliant Victory "---"
Call Upon the Wind "Only a fool believes he can best the wind. The wise man uses it as an ally."
Careful Planning "If you know yourself and your enemy, you need not fear the outcome of a thousand battles." - Sun Tzu
Castle of Water "Up from the oceans rose a mighty fortress. And the water burned. . . "
Celestial Alignment "---"
Charge "If the enemy is numerous, disciplined and about to advance. . . I would say, first seize something they love, and they will listen to you." - Sun Tzu
Chrysanthemum Festival "We danced and sang and drank until dawn to celebrate the plenty of the New Year."
Climbing Gear "What are walls to ninja? Paper, and that is all."
Cloak of Night "---"
Contentious Terrain ". . . ground upon which it is advantageous for us and our enemy to be." - Sun Tzu
Copper Mine "The workers toil hour after hour. Bring me the devotion of the men of the Lion Clan, and I will bring you victory."
Counterattack "---"
Counterspell "A strong man will try to be stronger than a blow. A wise man will learn to sidestep it." - Isawa Tomo
Crystal Katana "Not even the Shugenja know why a blade of purest crystal seems to melt the creatures with the slightest touch."
Daidoji Uji "There is no time to hesitate. If we do, the darkness will envelop the light of the Emerald Throne."
Dance Troupe "Their presence in the Court brought many Lords to our home and much gold to our coffers."
Dead Walk the Earth "---"
Deadly Ground "---"
Debt of Honor "---"
Diamond Mine "With so few to be found in Rokugan, the discovery of a new diamond mine is indeed a reason to celebrate."
Dispersive Terrain ". . . when we engage our enemy on his own territory, close to their homes." - Sun Tzu
Doji Hoturi "---"
Doji Yosai "---"
Dragon Helm "Is any man wise enough to command a dragon?"
Dragon of Fire "---"
Earth Dragon "It rose up from the earth itself, and the bushi fell back in awe as its talons fell upon us."
Earthquake "There was a force from the earth. It threw me from my horse just as the enemy began their charge. My bushi looked back at me, their eyes begging instruction. . . "
Elemental Ward "Does the falling rain cause itself pain? Does the fire burn its own fingers? Be one with the Elements and you will be one with all of Creation."
Emergence of the Tortoise "With tranquility, the small departs and the great arrives with auspicious success." - I Ching
Emperor's Peace "He spoke, his voice only barely above a tortured cough. 'Let it end,' he whispered. 'Let it end.'"
Encircled Terrain "---"
Energy Transference "As night moves into day, so may the balance of one's being be changed."
Entrapping Terrain ". . . Where there are mountains and forests, ravines and defiles. . . wherever the road is difficult." - Sun Tzu
Evil Feeds Upon Itself "The way of darkness always brings great power. The way of darkness always brings a great price." - The Tao of Shinsei
Evil Portents "Every night it seems midnight lasts one heartbeat longer."
Explosives "This is a new thing in our empire, this 'explosives.' We have not learned to master it yet, but may the gods have mercy on us when we do."
Famous Poet "It is the telling of great tales that makes men remember that they also may be great."
Fan of Command "We could see his commands from across the battlefield as if he were standing beside us."
Fantastic Gardens "Appreciation of beauty is the beginning of wisdom."
Feign Death "---"
Feint "When he hesitates, learn to move his shadow." - Miyamoto Musashi
Fire Breather "The fire fell from over the wall, swallowing dozens of men in less than a heartbeat."
Fires of Purity "His eyes burned with a fire more pure than pearls. . . "
Fist of Osano-Wo "---"
Flight of Dragons "---"
Focus "If you set your mind on the sword, your mind is taken up with the sword. If you set your mind on timing, your mind is taken up with timing. In either case, your mind lingers and your action falters. Such is how noble men are put into the earth." - Takuan
Forest "Civilization belongs to man, but the wilderness belongs to the beasts."
Forgotten Tomb "---"
Fort on a Hill "When all else has failed, the last action of a desperate commander is the siege of a walled city."
Foxwife "---"
Frenzy "---"
Gaijin Mercenaries "---"
Geisha Assassin "---"
Ginawa "He remembers his fallen master. He remembers the eyes of the assassin who took his life."
Glimpse of the Unicorn "She was a sign of good luck, foretelling fortune in our future."
Go Master "Think before you place that stone, for I know why you are placing it there before you do." - Master Suana
Goblin Mob "Look out boys, here come the samurai! Hey, anybody seen the boss?"
Goblin Chuckers "---"
Goblin Warmonger "---"
Gold Mine "The magic they use is secret, but the gold-works of Dragon House are widely known as the finest in the Empire."
Greater Mujina "The masters of the Mujina direct their servants in the ways of mischief."
Hawk Riders "These barbarians are without honor, binding their beasts in that way." - Shinjo Yokatsu
Hawks and Falcons "There is honor in the learning of civilized things."
Heart of the Inferno "---"
Heavy Cavalry "Speed is only half of the battle. You need strength as well." - Shinjo Hanari
Heavy Infantry "Force! Bring me men with swords and spears to cut down my enemy. Swiftness comes from demoralizing your enemy, not outrunning him." - Hida Kisada
Heichi Chokei "He has seen many battles and studied across the Empire. If there is any of that order I would trust that it would be him." - Hida Tokisada
Hida Amoro "We were hundreds against thousands. I looked at him and watched his face twist into an insane grin."
Hida Kisada "Your knowledge cannot save you. Your magic cannot save you. Nothing can save you."
Hida Sukune "He looks to the Shadowlands with suspicion, knowing that his father has struck a deal with something. . . unspeakable."
Hida Tampako "Let them come. Let them try to do to the Crab what they did to the Scorpion. If they will not ally with us, we will find allies elsewhere. . . "
Hida Tsuru "Cost! Do not speak to me of cost! Bring me the forces I need and I will bring you what you want: VICTORY!"
Hida Yakamo "It is rumored a Draong samurai-maiden took his hand with an ancient blade." - Kakita Yuri
Hida Yakamo (Crab Clan Oni) "---"
Hisa "Do not be wary of men who take risks with titles and lands, be wary of men who have nothing to lose." - The Tao of Shinsei
Honorable Seppuku "---"
Horiuchi Shoan "She stood by her Master, watching him make the Unicorn armies move like the wind."
Hurricane "Distant thunder rings of present danger." - Naka Kuro
Iaijutsu Challenge "---"
Iaijutsu Duel "Soon blades would cross - Soon blood would be spilled."
Ide Tadaji "---"
Ikoma Ujiaki "We serve the Emperor and only the Emperor. A blow against one of our own is a blow against him."
Immortal Steel "I saw the Shugenja's lips moving across his sword with gentle kisses and the samurai looked up to me with a hungry grin." - Hida Tampako
Imperial Acrobats "Hosting the troupe brought many dignitaries to our court, and it is always wise to entertain your enemy just before you launch your attack."
Imperial Gift "---"
Imperial Quest "---"
Inheritance "---"
Intersecting Highways ". . . land surrounded on three sides such that whoever arrives first will gain the masses of all under Heaven." - Sun Tzu
Iron Mine "All the Oni scampering this way and that, all in the servitude of the Crab."
Isawa Kaede "---"
Isawa Tadaka "---"
Isawa Tomo "---"
Isawa Tsuke "---"
Isawa Uona "---"
Iuchi Daiyu "We saw them charging, we watched as arrows of fire descended upon them, and still, they charged on." - Isawa Tsutoke
Iuchi Karasu "Their horses charged with the might of the wind, and we knew there was no escape." - Matsu Daira
Iuchi Takaai "I saw the Shugenja raise his arms, and suddenly, the troops began to fly. . . "
Jade Bow "He took careful aim with power thundering down his arm and lightning burning in his fingertips. . . "
Jade Works "Jade has been long regarded for it's worth against the creatures from the Shadowlands, but now the Jadesmiths begin to turn their skills to making weapons. . . "
Kakita Toshimoko "For the coward, there is no life. For the hero, there is no death."
Kakita Yinobu "---"
Kakita Yoshi "With allies in every House in in the Empire, Yoshi can call upon favors whenever the Crane Clan needs them."
Kakita Yuri "Now if only there was another way to solve this disagreement. Perhaps I could make a suggestion. . . "
Kharmic Strike "---"
Ki-Rin "---"
Kitsu Toju "There is no honor without sacrifice."
Kitsuki Yasu "He looked into my eyes and I knew I could not refuse. I reached for my blade with trembling hands. . . "
Kolat Assassin "A silent, painful, honorless death awaits those who do not know the secrets of shadows."
Kolat Infiltrator "A name even the ninja of the Empire feared."
Kolat Master "---"
Kolat Servant "---"
Kuni Yori "There is more than one way to strike at an unaware enemy. . . "
Kyoso no Oni "---"
Legendary Victory "---"
Lesser Mujina "Beware alliances with tricksters and fiends."
Light Cavalry "Strike your opponent where he does not expect to be struck. That is the way to end the battle swiftly, and a swift victory is the most honorable victory."
Light Infantry "The bushi were honorable, bound to our cause. I looked into their eyes and saw only devotion. We were few, but strong." - Mirumoto Hitomi
Look Into the Void "---"
Marketplace "I tell you, the resources of Crane are limitless."
Marries a Barbarian "The choice between love and honor is never easy."
Marsh Troll "---"
Martyr "---"
Mask of the Oni "Her face twisted as her laughter rang out like brass bells from behind purest porcelain."
Master of the Tea Ceremony "The ceremony teaches serenity and patience, things you must learn much of, my young samurai."
Master Smith "---"
Matsu Agetoki "Why should I fear what destiny has in store for me? I do not fear the Clan of the Crab, or even the Dragon. Bring me swift wind and a strong steed and I will ride into death's arms with a wild battle cry!"
Matsu Gohei "The fear you feel in your heart - it is only illusion. When you feel hunger, you feed your belly, eh? When you feel fear, feed your heart with courage."
Matsu Hiroru "---"
Matsu Imura "---"
Matsu Tsuko "There is no loyalty but to the Emperor. There is no honor but to die in his name."
Matsu Yojo "He remembers their fallen Champion's last words: 'So is the doom of mortal man, that he cannot see his true enemy, even when he puts his head in its jaws. . . '"
Meditation "With tranquility, the small goes and the great arrives, with auspicious success." - I Ching
Medium Cavalry "Watch the Unicorns closely, and you will learn that it is the maneuver that carries the day, not strength, as the Crab would have you believe." - Matsu Daira
Medium Infantry "They broke through the mist, a thousand of them. They ran toward us as we lowered our spears and I knew that we would soon be crossing swords." - Mirumoto Daini
Mercy "Be kind to your captives. Soon they will recognize who the most beneficent leader is."
Mirumoto Daini "Young, brash and vain, the youngest of the Mirumoto Family has much to learn about the Ways of War."
Mirumoto Hitomi "His sword guides her hand, His memory guides her heart."
Mirumoto Sukune "With the wind in his face, he rode by their spearmen, dodging thrusts as his aim rested on the general's eye. . . "
Mists of Illusion "One must learn to see what is to be seen and to see though what others wish you to see." - The Tao of Shinsei
Miya Yoto "The Art of War is the way of preserving Peace." - Sun Tzu
Moat "When strength is robust, its justice is not thwarted and its duty is not frustrated." - I Ching
Morito "Once he rode with Unicorns. Once, long ago. . . "
Morito Tokei "When I looked into his eyes, I saw a power there unrivaled by many. I was certain that such power should not be wielded by a mortal mind." - Matsu Yukimura
Moshi Wakiza "We watched as she pulled thunder from the sky and hurled it into the armies of the Crab." - Doji Ujiaki
Moto Tsume "---"
Naga Bowmen "Watching the elegance of their archers, I could not help but think of these creatures as samurai of a sort."
Naga Bushi "As I watched them, moving forward into battle, their eyes as stern as steel, I could do nothing but admire them. They stood beside us, and I was glad for it."
Naga Shugenja "Pearls! I swear it was pearls. Somehow he drew strength from them and the armies before him began to glow with such a light!" - Nagakita Morito
Naga Spearmen "Their hands were sure and their eyes showed no fear. They charged into the fray with the ferocity of wildmen and the nobility of dragons." - Togashi Yoshioki
Naga Warlord "They say his blood carries the souls of a thousand ancestors. . . "
Naginata "He lowered the polearm toward me. 'Stand aside,' he whispered. I clutched my katana and waited for him to enforce his demand."
Naka Kuro "---"
Necromancer "---"
Night Medallion "---"
Ninja Genin "When diplomacy fails - When honor is sacrificed - There are the Ninja."
Ninja Shapeshifter "No creeping through open windows or soft footfalls on nightingale floors. I walk in sunlight."
Ninja Spy "Swifter than wind he sidestepped my sword, escaping with our Lord's battle map in his fist."
Ninja Stronghold "I tell you they are not myth and they are not fable. If you do not take action against them soon, they will be the ruin of the Empire!"
Ninja Thief "I reached for my blade, and I saw the ninja's eyes flash just as I felt the empty sheath. . . "
Oath of Fealty "Would you be masterless men forever? Follow me!"
Occult Murders ". . . the name we had thought long-forgotten, was scrawled in blood on the walls of our own homes."
Occupied Terrain "---"
Ogre Bushi "It was neither man nor beast, and it walked with haunched shoulders and drooling lips." - Hida Kisada
Oni no Akuma "Yess. I know what you want. Power, yess. Give me what I want and I give it to you. Ssuch a ssmall price to pay."
Oni no Shikibu "---"
Oni no Tsuburu "---"
Oracle of Earth "---"
Oracle of Fire "---"
Oracle of Water "---"
Oracle of Wind "---"
Otaku Kamoko "Bring me men who can catch the Four Winds and I will bring them glory!"
Outflank "When besieged, let them on the roof, then take away the ladder." - The Thirty-Six Strategies
Pearl Divers "It is a dangerous profession, dodging the Naga to peel away the treasures oysters hold."
Peasant Revolt "---"
Personal Champion "Kolat filth! If you even try to touch him, I will kill you." - Koji Iname
Plague "Their tongues turned black and their eyes boiled white. The quiet companion of war spares only a few."
Poisoned Weapon "---"
Port ". . . and all along the docks, the merchants of Crane Clan can be seen, winning wars with silver and gold instead of spears and swords."
Proposal of Peace "---"
Rally Troops "---"
Rallying Cry "Sleep? My bushi need no sleep! They need battle to awaken their souls and feed their hearts!"
Ratling Bushi "Like a swarm they were, overcoming the samurai as if they were standing still." - Iuchi Junzo
Ratling Pack "What manner of land could spawn such a wretched horde?"
Reflective Pool "---"
Refuse Advantage "---"
Remorseful Seppuku "---"
Resist Magic "---"
Retired General "Victory is achieved by appearing to be applying the orthodox when you have something very much different in mind."
Retreat "Surrender is complete defeat, compromise is half-defeat, flight is not defeat. As long as you are not defeated, you have another chance to win."
Ring of Air "---"
Ring of Earth "---"
Ring of Fire "---"
Ring of the Void "---"
Ring of Water "---"
Rise of the Phoenix "---"
Sacrificial Altar "We heard the screams from across the hills, knowing that we could do nothing to save them."
Sake Works "When men gather together, temperance is not an easy thing to achieve." - Otaku Kamoko
Samurai Cavalry "The remaining Crab forces fled, but there was no hope for them. We ran them down and left them dying with arrows in their backs." - Otaku Kamoko
Samurai Warriors "The way of the warrior is to build an indomitable spirit and an iron will; to believe that you cannot fail in doing anything." - Miyamoto Musashi
Sanctified Temple "What price is too high to pay for Honor?"
Sanzo "When you have seen your home and family destroyed by the Shadowlands, you too will know why I chase death with blind fury."
School of Wizardry "---"
Scout "Sagacious generals are able to get intelligent spies. . . this is the essence of the military." - Sun Tzu
Scribe "---"
Secrets on the Wind "---"
Shadow Samurai "---"
Shady Dealings "---"
Shame "---"
Shiba Katsuda "Remembering ancient times, Katsuda draws his father's sword from its sheath, hoping to bring the blade the same glory his father did so long ago."
Shiba Tsukune "Only once did I ever meet her on a battlefield. I pray to the Gods of Fortune I never do so again." - Kuni Tameyori
Shiba Ujimitsu "Be strong. Be wise. Know that even though I may fall, I will rise again to stand beside you."
Shinjo Hanari "Yes, I know of Tsuru of House Hida, and I know his manner and tactics, and I promise you, if we should ever meet on the battlefield, he would be counting the cost."
Shinjo Yasamura "With the Gods and Fortune with us, we cannot fail - but what will be the price?"
Shinjo Yokatsu "I will not allow men to die for no other purpose than to serve pride. But I will drive myself into the grave before I allow the Empire to be swallowed by the dark tide of evil rising against us."
Shuriken of Serpents "The only thing he heard was an evil hiss, but even after he fell, he could feel the venom creeping toward his heart."
Shuten Doji "---"
Silver Mine "Some whisper that silver is the secret of the wisdom of the Phoenix."
Skeletal Troops "Clattering their bones and clanking their armor they advanced, armed with ancient rust-covered weapons and immortal grins. . . "
Small Farm "Courage may feed a man's soul, but it is rice that feeds his belly, and an army cannot move on courage alone." - The Tao of Shinsei
Sneak Attack "---"
Solar Eclipse "---"
Spearmen "'Hold!' the general called. 'Not yet. . . ' We watched as the forces charged ever closer, our fists twisting about our spears. Closer. . . closer. . . "
Spirit Guide "It is wise to listen to your ancestors, young one."
Stables "So noble were their steeds, it was as if they had the blood of Unicorns running through their veins."
Strength of Purity "Strike free from worldly worries. This is the purest stroke." - Miyamoto Musashi
Summon Faeries "---"
Summon Swamp Spirits "---"
Summon Undead Champion "---"
Superior Tactics "---"
Temple of the Ancestors "We draw honor from our ancestors and pass it on to our descendants."
Terrible Standard of Fu Leng "It wept with the souls of a thousand slain warriors, crying out to warn us of their fate. . . "
Test of Honor "---"
Test of Stone "---"
Test of the Emerald Champion "---"
The Armor of Sun Tao"---"
The Armor of the Golden Samurai "It was not a brightness of the sun, but a brightness from within. Osani stood helpless as the blade fell. . . "
The Deafening War Drums of Fu Leng "We heard thunder from over the hills, and laughter from the mouths of dead men."
The Demon Bride of Fu Leng "---"
The Egg of P'an Ku "---"
The Fury of Osano-Wo "The lightning came down as if brought by the Thunder God's hand. He turned then, to look at me."
The Jade Hand "It signified the return of a hero from long ago, but when would he claim his prize?"
The Star of Laramun "It was not from our lands, but that did not make it any less deadly in the hands of one who knew its secrets."
Togashi Hoshi "---"
Togashi Mitsu "---"
Togashi Yokuni "There is no death. There is no failure. There is nothing but victory for those who have strength and purpose. We are the Dragon. We have strength. We have purpose. We shall bring victory home."
Togashi Yoshi "---"
Toku "You cannot wait for honor. You must go into the world and seek it out."
Torrential Rain "The clear blue sky sent whipping wind and hot rain down onto us, smashing us into the ground."
Touch of Death "One moment he was facing the Shugenja with his sword at her throat, and the next, he was at her feet, his tongue and lips as black as midnight." - Otaku Kamoko
Trade Route "Not only do they control the merchant districts of Rokugan, but the Crane Clan also has its hands in barbarian gold as well." - Mirumoto Sukune
Traversable Terrain "---"
Unexpected Allies "---"
Unscalable Walls "It takes a wise man to see an obstacle as it truly is and not as it appears to be." - The Tao of Shinsei
Void Dragon "---"
Walking the Way "Wisdom can be found in many places, but you must always begin at home." - The Tao of Shinsei
Water Dragon "---"
Way of Deception "When your objective is near, make it look distant; when far away, create the illusion of being nearby. Warfare is the Way of Deception." - Sun Tzu
Wind Born Speed "When the infantry charged, we found the spearmen were not on the crest of the hill, but to our flank, cutting down troops like wheat." - Doji Hitora
Winds of Change "Know the ways of the wind, for the wind carries the voice of change."
Wings of Fire "Suddenly, the Crab forces burst into an unearthly fire. . . and they began to fly." - Shinjo Kamoko
Wyrm Riders "Barbarians from the mountains, mounted on beasts that were abominations of the noble Ryu, flew out from over our enemy. . . "
Yasuki Taka "---"
Yogo Junzo "What secrets had he learned before he was cast into the Shadowlands, and what secrets did he unearth in that desolate place?"
Yotsu Seiki "She stood alone against the approaching samurai, a smile playing delicately on her lips."
Zombie Troops "They wore porcelain masks and marched with the synchronization of the stars. The bodies of our ancestors had risen to defy us, the name of their dark master a mindless mumbling on their lips."

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