Imperial Edition Box Text
Written By: Unknown
Edited By: Unknown
Released: Unknown
Link: [1]
Story Year: c.1123

Imperial Edition Box Text

It begins in a distant kingdom, in an age long forgotten...

An Ancient Empire is crumbling as its ruler battles with a mysterious wasting disease. Six Clans, the traditional defenders of the Empire, have each announced their rightful claim to an empty Emerald Throne.

Some Clans are bound by honor to support the Emperor until his final breath, others will stop at nothing to achieve their goals. Already, the samurai have donned their armor. Already, the shadows move with the silent strides of ninja. Some even whisper that the encient dragons of the past have been seen soaring over the mountains. The mysterious Shugenja bring arcane wisdom from crumbling scrolls to their Clans, but knowledge always has its price. And on the western edge of the Empire, the long-forgotten Shadowlands have begun to stir with unspeakable things that belong only in nightmares.

It is a time of danger. It is a time of darkness and distant thunder.

It is a time for Legends.

Errors Edit

  • The Shadowlands was actually situated on the south-western borders of the Empire.

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