Imperial was the first set of Legend of the Five Rings Diskwars game.

Preceded by:
Succeeded by:

Cards Edit

Number Name Type Image
- Crab Berserkers Unit Disk
Crab Berserkers-Diskwars
- Hida Amoro Unit Disk
Hida Amoro-Diskwars
- Hida Kisada Unit Disk
Hida Kisada-Diskwars
- Hida Sukune Unit Disk
Hida Sukune-Diskwars
- Hida Yakamo Unit Disk
Hida Yakamo-Diskwars
- Kuni Yori Unit Disk
Kuni Yori-Diskwars
- The Damned Unit Disk
The Damned-Diskwars
- Asahina Tamako Unit Disk
Asahina Tamako-Diskwars
- Asahina Tomo Unit Disk
Asahina Tomo-Diskwars
- Crane Elite Archers Unit Disk
Crane Elite Archers-Diskwars
- Daidoji Iron Warriors Unit Disk
Daidoji Iron Warriors-Diskwars
- Daidoji Uji Unit Disk
Daidoji Uji-Diskwars
- Doji Hoturi Unit Disk
Doji Hoturi-Diskwars
- Doji Yosai Unit Disk
Doji Yosai-Diskwars
- Kakita Toshimoko Unit Disk
Kakita Toshimoko-Diskwars
- Kenshinzen Unit Disk
- Dragon Archers Unit Disk
Dragon Archers-Diskwars
- Mirumoto Daini Unit Disk
Mirumoto Daini-Diskwars
- Mirumoto Hitomi Unit Disk
Mirumoto Hitomi-Diskwars
- Tattooed Madmen Unit Disk
Tattooed Madmen-Diskwars
- Togashi Hoshi Unit Disk
Togashi Hoshi-Diskwars
- Togashi Mitsu Unit Disk
Togashi Mitsu-Diskwars
- Togashi Yokuni Unit Disk
Togashi Yokuni-Diskwars
- Togashi Yoshi Unit Disk
Togashi Yoshi-Diskwars
- Akodo Death Seekers Unit Disk
Akodo Death Seekers-Diskwars
- Akodo Kage Unit Disk
Akodo Kage-Diskwars
- Kitsu Motso Unit Disk
Kitsu Motso-Diskwars
- Kitsu Toju Unit Disk
Kitsu Toju-Diskwars
- Lion's Pride Unit Disk
Lion's Pride-Diskwars
- Matsu Agetoki Unit Disk
Matsu Agetoki-Diskwars
- Matsu Gohei Unit Disk
Matsu Gohei-Diskwars
- Matsu Tsuko Unit Disk
Matsu Tsuko-Diskwars
- Naga Bowmen Unit Disk
Naga Bowmen-Diskwars
- Naga Bushi Unit Disk
Naga Bushi-Diskwars
- Firestorm Initiates Unit Disk
Firestorm Initiates-Diskwars
- Isawa Tadaka Unit Disk
Isawa Tadaka-Diskwars
- Isawa Tomo Unit Disk
Isawa Tomo-Diskwars
- Isawa Tsuke Unit Disk
Isawa Tsuke-Diskwars
- Isawa Uona Unit Disk
Isawa Uona-Diskwars
- Scribe Unit Disk
- Shiba Tsukune Unit Disk
Shiba Tsukune-Diskwars
- Shiba Ujimitsu Unit Disk
Shiba Ujimitsu-Diskwars
- Bayushi Kachiko Unit Disk
Bayushi Kachiko-Diskwars
- Goblin Mob Unit Disk
Goblin Mob-Diskwars
- Goblin Warmonger Unit Disk
Goblin Warmonger-Diskwars
- Greater Mujina Unit Disk
Greater Mujina-Diskwars
- Marsh Trolls Unit Disk
Marsh Trolls-Diskwars
- Moto Tsume Unit Disk
Moto Tsume-Diskwars
- Ogre Bushi Unit Disk
Ogre Bushi-Diskwars
- Oni no Akuma Unit Disk
Oni no Akuma-Diskwars
- Ratling Pack Unit Disk
Ratling Pack-Diskwars
- Skeletal Troops Unit Disk
Skeletal Troops-Diskwars
- Yogo Junzo Unit Disk
Yogo Junzo-Diskwars
- Zombie Troops Unit Disk
Zombie Troops-Diskwars
- Air Dragon Unit Disk
Air Dragon-Diskwars
- Archers Unit Disk
- Earth Dragon Unit Disk
Earth Dragon-Diskwars
- Fire Dragon Unit Disk
Fire Dragon-Diskwars
- Foxwife Unit Disk
- Ginawa Unit Disk
- Kolat Master Unit Disk
Kolat Master-Diskwars
- Light Infantry Unit Disk
Light Infantry-Diskwars
- Medium Cavalry Unit Disk
Medium Cavalry-Diskwars
- Medium Infantry Unit Disk
Medium Infantry-Diskwars
- Morito Unit Disk
- Morito Tokei Unit Disk
Morito Tokei-Diskwars
- Ninja Shapeshifter Unit Disk
Ninja Shapeshifter-Diskwars
- Ninja Spy Unit Disk
Ninja Spy-Diskwars
- Samurai Warriors Unit Disk
Samurai Warriors-Diskwars
- Scout Unit Disk
- Toku Unit Disk
- Toturi Unit Disk
- Void Dragon Unit Disk
Void Dragon-Diskwars
- Water Dragon Unit Disk
Water Dragon-Diskwars
- Battlemaidens Unit Disk
- Horiuchi Shoan Unit Disk
Horiuchi Shoan-Diskwars
- Iuchi Daiyu Unit Disk
Iuchi Daiyu-Diskwars
- Otaku Kamoko Unit Disk
Otaku Kamoko-Diskwars
- Shinjo Hanari Unit Disk
Shinjo Hanari-Diskwars
- Shinjo Thunders Unit Disk
Shinjo Thunders-Diskwars
- Shinjo Yasamura Unit Disk
Shinjo Yasamura-Diskwars
- Shinjo Yokatsu Unit Disk
Shinjo Yokatsu-Diskwars
- Arrow Damage
- Fireball Damage
- Focus 2 - Strike 4 Crab Damage
Focus 2 - Strike 4 Crab-Diskwars
- Focus 2 - Strike 4 Crane Damage
Focus 2 - Strike 4 Crane-Diskwars
- Focus 2 - Strike 4 Dragon Damage
No Image
- Focus 2 - Strike 4 Lion Damage
Focus 2 - Strike 4 Lion-Diskwars
- Focus 2 - Strike 4 Phoenix Damage
No Image
- Focus 2 - Strike 4 Unicorn Damage
Focus 2 - Strike 4 Unicorn-Diskwars
- Ancestral Sword of the Crab Item Disk
No Image
- Ancestral Sword of the Crane Item Disk
No Image
- Ancestral Sword of the Dragon Item Disk
No Image
- Ancestral Sword of the Lion Item Disk
Ancestral Sword of the Lion-Diskwars
- Ancestral Sword of the Phoenix Item Disk
No Image
- Ancestral Sword of the Unicorn Item Disk
No Image
- Bloodsword Item Disk
- Fan of Command Item Disk
Fan of Command 2-Diskwars
Fan of Command-Diskwars
- Jade Bow Item Disk
Jade Bow-Diskwars
Jade Bow 2-Diskwars
- Naginata Item Disk
Naginata 2-Diskwars
- Star of Laramun Item Disk
No Image
- The Jade Hand Item Disk
The Jade Hand-Diskwars
- All Distances are One Spell
All Distances are One-Diskwars
- Amaterasu's Anger Spell
No Image
- Benevolent Protection Spell
Benevolent Protection-Diskwars
- Call of the Nemesis Spell
Call of the Nemesis-Diskwars
- Calm Mind Spell
Calm Mind-Diskwars
- Castle of Water Spell
Castle of Water-Diskwars
- Command the Mind Spell
Command the Mind-Diskwars
- Counterspell Spell
No Image
- Curse of the Jackal Spell
No Image
- Deathball Spell
- Doom of Fu Leng Spell
Doom of Fu Leng-Diskwars
- Earthquake Spell
- Earth's Stagnation Spell
Earth's Stagnation-Diskwars
- Energy Transference Spell
Energy Transference-Diskwars
- Essence of Earth Spell
Essence of Earth-Diskwars
- Essence of Void Spell
Essence of Void-Diskwars
- Essence of Water Spell
Essence of Water-Diskwars
- Fires from Within Spell
Fires from Within-Diskwars
- Flight Spell
- Flood Spell
- Fury of Osano-Wo Spell
Fury of Osano-Wo-Diskwars
- Gift of the Wind Spell
Gift of the Wind-Diskwars
- Gust of Wind Spell
Gust of Wind-Diskwars
- Heart of Inferno Spell
Heart of the Inferno-Diskwars
- Jade Strike Spell
Jade Strike-Diskwars
- Kharmic Wheel Spins Spell
Kharmic Wheel Spins-Diskwars
- Light of Amaterasu Spell
Light of Amaterasu-Diskwars
- Light of the Moon Spell
Light of the Moon-Diskwars
- Mighty Protection Spell
Mighty Protection-Diskwars
- Path to Inner Peace Spell
Path to Inner Peace-Diskwars
- Rain of Steel Spell
Rain of Steel-Diskwars
- Secrets of the Wind Spell
Secrets of the Wind-Diskwars
- Shield of Fire Spell
Shield of Fire-Diskwars
- Spirit of Osano-Wo Spell
No Image
- Stealing the Soul Spell
Stealing the Soul-Diskwars
- Stifling Wind Spell
Stifling Wind-Diskwars
- Strangling Root Spell
Strangling Root-Diskwars
- Sure Aim Spell
Sure Aim-Diskwars
- Tempest of Air Spell
Tempest of Air-Diskwars
- Void's Path Spell
No Image
- Wind Borne Speed Spell
Wind Borne Speed-Diskwars
- Spellbook Spellbook
- The War Fortress of the Crab Stronghold
The War Fortress of the Crab-Diskwars
- The Esteemed House of the Crane Stronghold
The Esteemed House of the Crane-Diskwars
- The Mountain Keep of the Dragon Stronghold
The Mountain Keep of the Dragon-Diskwars
- Ancestral Home of the Lion Stronghold
Ancestral Home of the Lion-Diskwars
- The Sacred Temple of the Phoenix Stronghold
The Sacred Temple of the Phoenix-Diskwars
- The Provincial Estate of the Unicorn Stronghold
The Provincial Estate of the Unicorn-Diskwars

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