Imperial was the first set of Legend of the Five Rings Diskwars game.

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Flats Edit

There are four levels of rarity. Common disks are on green flats, Uncommon disks are on blue flats, Rare disks are on red flats, and Fixed disks (which are found only in Army Packs) are on black flats. There are 99 total flats divided up as: 30 fix flats (including the 6 counter flats); 11 rare flats; 21 uncommon flats; and 37 common flats.

Army Packs Edit

Army Pack has eight flats: five black Fixed flats, two green Common flats, and one blue Uncommon flat.

Number Type Image Image back
9000-1 Army Pack
The War Fortress of the Crab-Diskwars
- Fixed Flat
9000-1 Flat1
9000-1 Flat1 back
- Fixed Flat
9000-1 Flat2
9000-1 Flat2 back
- Fixed Flat
9000-1 Flat3
- Fixed Flat
9000-1 Flat4
- Fixed Flat
9000-1 Flat5
9000-2 Army Pack
The Esteemed House of the Crane-Diskwars
- Fixed Flat
9000-2 Flat1
9000-2 Flat1 back
- Fixed Flat
9000-2 Flat2
9000-2 Flat2 back
- Fixed Flat
9000-2 Flat3
- Fixed Flat
9000-2 Flat4
9000-2 Flat4 back
- Fixed Flat
9000-2 Flat5
9000-3 Army Pack
The Mountain Keep of the Dragon-Diskwars
9000-4 Army Pack
Ancestral Home of the Lion-Diskwars
- Fixed Flat
9000-4 Flat1
9000-4 Flat1 back
- Fixed Flat
9000-4 Flat2
9000-4 Flat2 back
- Fixed Flat
9000-4 Flat3
- Fixed Flat
9000-4 Flat4
- Fixed Flat
9000-4 Flat5
9000-5 Army Pack
The Sacred Temple of the Phoenix-Diskwars
- Fixed Flat
9000-5 Flat1
9000-5 Flat1 back
- Fixed Flat
9000-5 Flat2
9000-5 Flat2 back
- Fixed Flat
9000-5 Flat3
- Fixed Flat
9000-5 Flat4
- Fixed Flat
9000-5 Flat5
9000-6 Army Pack
The Provincial Estate of the Unicorn-Diskwars
- Fixed Flat
9000-6 Flat1
9000-6 Flat1 back
- Fixed Flat
9000-6 Flat2
9000-6 Flat2 back
- Fixed Flat
9000-6 Flat3
- Fixed Flat
9000-6 Flat4
- Fixed Flat
9000-6 Flat5
9000-6 Flat5 back

Booster Packs Edit

Booster Pack has four flats: two green Common flats, one blue Uncommon flat, and one red Rare flat.

Number Type Image Image back
- Common Flat
Common Flat1
- Common Flat
Common Flat2
Common Flat2 back
- Common Flat
Common Flat3
Common Flat3 back
- Common Flat
Common Flat4
- Common Flat
Common Flat5
- Common Flat
Common Flat6
- Common Flat
Common Flat7
- Common Flat
Common Flat8
- Common Flat
Common Flat9
- Common Flat
Common Flat10
- Common Flat
Common Flat11
Common Flat11 back
- Common Flat
Common Flat12
Common Flat12 back
- Common Flat
Common Flat13
- Common Flat
Common Flat14
- Common Flat
Common Flat15
- Common Flat
Common Flat16
- Common Flat
Common Flat17
- Common Flat
Common Flat18
- Common Flat
Common Flat19
- Common Flat
Common Flat20
- Uncommon Flat
Uncommon Flat1
Uncommon Flat1 back
- Uncommon Flat
Uncommon Flat2
- Uncommon Flat
Uncommon Flat3
- Uncommon Flat
Uncommon Flat4
- Uncommon Flat
Uncommon Flat5
- Uncommon Flat
Uncommon Flat6
- Uncommon Flat
Uncommon Flat7
- Uncommon Flat
Uncommon Flat8
- Uncommon Flat
Uncommon Flat9
- Rare Flat
Rare Flat1
- Rare Flat
Rare Flat2
- Rare Flat
Rare Flat3
Rare Flat3 back
- Rare Flat
Rare Flat4
Rare Flat4 back
- Rare Flat
Rare Flat5
- Rare Flat
Rare Flat6
- Rare Flat
Rare Flat7

Disks Edit

Number Name Type Image
- Crab Berserkers Unit Disk
Crab Berserkers-Diskwars
- Hida Amoro Unit Disk
Hida Amoro-Diskwars
- Hida Kisada Unit Disk
Hida Kisada-Diskwars
- Hida Sukune Unit Disk
Hida Sukune-Diskwars
- Hida Yakamo Unit Disk
Hida Yakamo-Diskwars
- Kuni Yori Unit Disk
Kuni Yori-Diskwars
- The Damned Unit Disk
The Damned-Diskwars
- Asahina Tamako Unit Disk
Asahina Tamako-Diskwars
- Asahina Tomo Unit Disk
Asahina Tomo-Diskwars
- Crane Elite Archers Unit Disk
Crane Elite Archers-Diskwars
- Daidoji Iron Warriors Unit Disk
Daidoji Iron Warriors-Diskwars
- Daidoji Uji Unit Disk
Daidoji Uji-Diskwars
- Doji Hoturi Unit Disk
Doji Hoturi-Diskwars
- Doji Yosai Unit Disk
Doji Yosai-Diskwars
- Kakita Toshimoko Unit Disk
Kakita Toshimoko-Diskwars
- Kenshinzen Unit Disk
- Dragon Archers Unit Disk
Dragon Archers-Diskwars
- Mirumoto Daini Unit Disk
Mirumoto Daini-Diskwars
- Mirumoto Hitomi Unit Disk
Mirumoto Hitomi-Diskwars
- Tattooed Madmen Unit Disk
Tattooed Madmen-Diskwars
- Togashi Hoshi Unit Disk
Togashi Hoshi-Diskwars
- Togashi Mitsu Unit Disk
Togashi Mitsu-Diskwars
- Togashi Yokuni Unit Disk
Togashi Yokuni-Diskwars
- Togashi Yoshi Unit Disk
Togashi Yoshi-Diskwars
- Akodo Death Seekers Unit Disk
Akodo Death Seekers-Diskwars
- Akodo Kage Unit Disk
Akodo Kage-Diskwars
- Kitsu Motso Unit Disk
Kitsu Motso-Diskwars
- Kitsu Toju Unit Disk
Kitsu Toju-Diskwars
- Lion's Pride Unit Disk
Lion's Pride-Diskwars
- Matsu Agetoki Unit Disk
Matsu Agetoki-Diskwars
- Matsu Gohei Unit Disk
Matsu Gohei-Diskwars
- Matsu Tsuko Unit Disk
Matsu Tsuko-Diskwars
- Firestorm Initiates Unit Disk
Firestorm Initiates-Diskwars
- Isawa Tadaka Unit Disk
Isawa Tadaka-Diskwars
- Isawa Tomo Unit Disk
Isawa Tomo-Diskwars
- Isawa Tsuke Unit Disk
Isawa Tsuke-Diskwars
- Isawa Uona Unit Disk
Isawa Uona-Diskwars
- Scribe Unit Disk
- Shiba Tsukune Unit Disk
Shiba Tsukune-Diskwars
- Shiba Ujimitsu Unit Disk
Shiba Ujimitsu-Diskwars
- Bayushi Kachiko Unit Disk
Bayushi Kachiko-Diskwars
- Goblin Mob Unit Disk
Goblin Mob-Diskwars
- Goblin Warmonger Unit Disk
Goblin Warmonger-Diskwars
- Greater Mujina Unit Disk
Greater Mujina-Diskwars
- Marsh Trolls Unit Disk
Marsh Trolls-Diskwars
- Moto Tsume Unit Disk
Moto Tsume-Diskwars
- Naga Bowmen Unit Disk
Naga Bowmen-Diskwars
- Naga Bushi Unit Disk
Naga Bushi-Diskwars
- Ogre Bushi Unit Disk
Ogre Bushi-Diskwars
- Oni no Akuma Unit Disk
Oni no Akuma-Diskwars
- Ratling Pack Unit Disk
Ratling Pack-Diskwars
- Skeletal Troops Unit Disk
Skeletal Troops-Diskwars
- Yogo Junzo Unit Disk
Yogo Junzo-Diskwars
- Zombie Troops Unit Disk
Zombie Troops-Diskwars
- Air Dragon Unit Disk
Air Dragon-Diskwars
- Archers Unit Disk
- Earth Dragon Unit Disk
Earth Dragon-Diskwars
- Fire Dragon Unit Disk
Fire Dragon-Diskwars
- Foxwife Unit Disk
- Ginawa Unit Disk
- Kolat Master Unit Disk
Kolat Master-Diskwars
- Light Infantry Unit Disk
Light Infantry-Diskwars
- Medium Cavalry Unit Disk
Medium Cavalry-Diskwars
- Medium Infantry Unit Disk
Medium Infantry-Diskwars
- Morito Unit Disk
- Morito Tokei Unit Disk
Morito Tokei-Diskwars
- Ninja Shapeshifter Unit Disk
Ninja Shapeshifter-Diskwars
- Ninja Spy Unit Disk
Ninja Spy-Diskwars
- Samurai Warriors Unit Disk
Samurai Warriors-Diskwars
- Scout Unit Disk
- Toku Unit Disk
- Toturi Unit Disk
- Void Dragon Unit Disk
Void Dragon-Diskwars
- Water Dragon Unit Disk
Water Dragon-Diskwars
- Battlemaidens Unit Disk
- Horiuchi Shoan Unit Disk
Horiuchi Shoan-Diskwars
- Iuchi Daiyu Unit Disk
Iuchi Daiyu-Diskwars
- Otaku Kamoko Unit Disk
Otaku Kamoko-Diskwars
- Shinjo Hanari Unit Disk
Shinjo Hanari-Diskwars
- Shinjo Thunders Unit Disk
Shinjo Thunders-Diskwars
- Shinjo Yasamura Unit Disk
Shinjo Yasamura-Diskwars
- Shinjo Yokatsu Unit Disk
Shinjo Yokatsu-Diskwars
- Activation Marker
- Wound Counter
- Arrow Damage
- Fireball Damage
- Focus 2 - Strike 4 Crab Damage
Focus 2 - Strike 4 Crab-Diskwars
Focus 2 - Strike 4 Crab back-Diskwars
- Focus 2 - Strike 4 Crane Damage
Focus 2 - Strike 4 Crane-Diskwars
Focus 2 - Strike 4 Crane back-Diskwars
- Focus 2 - Strike 4 Dragon Damage
No Image
- Focus 2 - Strike 4 Lion Damage
Focus 2 - Strike 4 Lion-Diskwars
Focus 2 - Strike 4 Lion back-Diskwars
- Focus 2 - Strike 4 Phoenix Damage
Focus 2 - Strike 4 Phoenix-Diskwars
Focus 2 - Strike 4 Phoenix back-Diskwars
- Focus 2 - Strike 4 Unicorn Damage
Focus 2 - Strike 4 Unicorn-Diskwars
Focus 2 - Strike 4 Unicorn back-Diskwars
- Ancestral Sword of the Crab Item Disk
Ancestral Sword of the Crab-Diskwars
Ancestral Sword of the Crab back-Diskwars
- Ancestral Sword of the Crane Item Disk
Ancestral Sword of the Crane-Diskwars
Ancestral Sword of the Crane back-Diskwars
- Ancestral Sword of the Dragon Item Disk
No Image
- Ancestral Sword of the Lion Item Disk
Ancestral Sword of the Lion-Diskwars
Ancestral Sword of the Lion back-Diskwars
- Ancestral Sword of the Phoenix Item Disk
Ancestral Sword of the Phoenix-Diskwars
Ancestral Sword of the Phoenix back-Diskwars
- Ancestral Sword of the Unicorn Item Disk
Ancestral Sword of the Unicorn-Diskwars
Ancestral Sword of the Unicorn back-Diskwars
- Bloodsword Item Disk
Bloodsword back-Diskwars
- Fan of Command Item Disk
Fan of Command-Diskwars
Fan of Command back-Diskwars
- Jade Bow Item Disk
Jade Bow-Diskwars
Jade Bow back-Diskwars
- Naginata Item Disk
Naginata back-Diskwars
- Star of Laramun Item Disk
Star of Laramun-Diskwars
Star of Laramun back-Diskwars
- The Jade Hand Item Disk
The Jade Hand-Diskwars
The Jade Hand back-Diskwars
- All Distances are One Spell
All Distances are One-Diskwars
- Amaterasu's Anger Spell
Amaterasu's Anger-Diskwars
- Benevolent Protection Spell
Benevolent Protection-Diskwars
- Call of the Nemesis Spell
Call of the Nemesis-Diskwars
- Calm Mind Spell
Calm Mind-Diskwars
- Castle of Water Spell
Castle of Water-Diskwars
- Command the Mind Spell
Command the Mind-Diskwars
- Counterspell Spell
- Curse of the Jackal Spell
No Image
- Deathball Spell
- Doom of Fu Leng Spell
Doom of Fu Leng-Diskwars
- Earthquake Spell
- Earth's Stagnation Spell
Earth's Stagnation-Diskwars
- Energy Transference Spell
Energy Transference-Diskwars
- Essence of Earth Spell
Essence of Earth-Diskwars
- Essence of Void Spell
Essence of Void-Diskwars
- Essence of Water Spell
Essence of Water-Diskwars
- Fires from Within Spell
Fires from Within-Diskwars
- Flight Spell
- Flood Spell
- Fury of Osano-Wo Spell
Fury of Osano-Wo-Diskwars
- Gift of the Wind Spell
Gift of the Wind-Diskwars
- Gust of Wind Spell
Gust of Wind-Diskwars
- Heart of Inferno Spell
Heart of the Inferno-Diskwars
- Jade Strike Spell
Jade Strike-Diskwars
- Kharmic Wheel Spins Spell
Kharmic Wheel Spins-Diskwars
- Light of Amaterasu Spell
Light of Amaterasu-Diskwars
- Light of the Moon Spell
Light of the Moon-Diskwars
- Mighty Protection Spell
Mighty Protection-Diskwars
- Path to Inner Peace Spell
Path to Inner Peace-Diskwars
- Rain of Steel Spell
Rain of Steel-Diskwars
- Secrets of the Wind Spell
Secrets of the Wind-Diskwars
- Shield of Fire Spell
Shield of Fire-Diskwars
- Spirit of Osano-Wo Spell
Spirit of Osano-Wo-Diskwars
- Stealing the Soul Spell
Stealing the Soul-Diskwars
- Stifling Wind Spell
Stifling Wind-Diskwars
- Strangling Root Spell
Strangling Root-Diskwars
- Sure Aim Spell
Sure Aim-Diskwars
- Tempest of Air Spell
Tempest of Air-Diskwars
- Void's Path Spell
No Image
- Wind Borne Speed Spell
Wind Borne Speed-Diskwars
- Spellbook Spellbook
- The War Fortress of the Crab Stronghold
The War Fortress of the Crab-Diskwars
- The Esteemed House of the Crane Stronghold
The Esteemed House of the Crane-Diskwars
- The Mountain Keep of the Dragon Stronghold
The Mountain Keep of the Dragon-Diskwars
- The Ancestral Home of the Lion Stronghold
Ancestral Home of the Lion-Diskwars
- The Sacred Temple of the Phoenix Stronghold
The Sacred Temple of the Phoenix-Diskwars
- The Provincial Estate of the Unicorn Stronghold
The Provincial Estate of the Unicorn-Diskwars