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The Imperial Chancellor moderates the Imperial Court [1] and served as the Emperor's personal ambassador, representing his interests when the Emperor could not make a personal appearance. [2]

Duty Edit

The post was a prestigious and important office in the government of the Emperor of Rokugan. As the most powerful political figure in the Empire (with the obvious exception of the Emperor), the Chancellor helped set the agenda of the Imperial Court and served as its leader in the Emperor's absence. [3] He also oversaw the Ministry of Proclamations and Protocols, the Ministry of Service, and the Imperial Archives. [4] The chancellorship was an elected position, and only the Clan Champion might vote on the appointment. [5]

Imperial Chancellors Edit

Seppun Hanako (c. 622) - ?
Kakita Yoshi  ? - 1128
Takuan 1128 - 1132
Bayushi Kaukatsu 1159 - 1169
Bayushi Hisoka 1170 - ?
Toku Hikaru 1195 - Present


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