Imperial Bureaucrat

Imperial Bureaucrat

The Imperial Bureaucracy existed to ensure the proper functioning of the Empire of Rokugan. It drew heavily on the Seppun, the Otomo and, to a lesser extent, the Miya families to provide personnel. [1]

Kolat Infiltration Edit

After the Tao of Shinsei was written, the kolat believed Shinsei's writings had endorsed their own philosophies. They became conspirators, infiltrating the Imperial Bureaucracy, so they would manipulate the Empire from within. [2]

Ministries Edit

The Ministries making up the Imperial Bureaucracy have changed and evolved but the following descriptions depicted its most consistent form over time. [1]

Dismantling of the Imperial Bureaucracy Edit

In 1199]] the Imperial Heir Iweko Seiken believed that the Imperial Bureaucracy proved itself a hindrance to Imperial rule, not an asset. He told that after his appointment as Emperor all samurai would be required to live for one year in a rural village, if they wished to hold any significant imperial office. This policy would clear out most of the Imperial Bureaucracy. There would be virtually no bureaucracy left. [3]


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