Born: Unknown 
Died: c. 1132 
Siblings: Mirumoto Akuai

Mirumoto Ikudaiu was a Dragon Clan courtier who retired as a monk of the Brotherhood of Shinsei becoming Ikudaiu. His sensei Taro made him a believer of the kolat philosophy and member of the organization.

Diplomat Edit

Ikudai was a diplomat stationed at Otosan Uchi for nearly two decades. [1]

Family Edit

Ikudaiu was the older brother of Mirumoto Akuai, a magistrate who served in the poorest, most mountanious Dragon province. Ikudaiu visited his brother and worked with him for a time, and there he saw true poverty and hungry. Confused, he decided to retire and join the Brotherhood of Shinsei. [2]

Embracing Kolat Philosophy Edit

Ikudaiu 3


Ikudaiu was stationed at the Temple of the Seven Fortunes in Otosan Uchi. Shortly after his appointment Tetsuya, one of the leaders of the Brotherhood, asked for a favor. He wanted Ikudaiu looked the monk tended the temple, Taro. Ikudai became a student of the mysterious monk, who tought him in a strange philosophy. Ikudaiu with the events he had witnessed while visiting his brother still fresh, became a believer, and joined Taro's allies, [3] the kolat. [4]

Doubts Edit

After the Scorpion Coup in 1128 Ikudai had begun to wonder if throwing his lot in with Taro might had been a mistake. Ikudai was seeking enlightment and the path of the Kolat would not give it. He remained his doubts in secrecy, [3] Ikudaiu knew all too well that any attempt to leave would result in his death. [5]

Hitomi Edit

Following Hitomi's ascension to leadership of the clan his brother Akuai gained tattoos and becoming Hitomi Akuai. [6]

The Siege of Sleeping Mountain Edit

Ikudai was part of the Brotherhood army in the Siege of Sleeping Mountain. He was the courier of a message from Hoshi to Hitomi and saw the imprisoned Shadow. Ikudaiu saw madness in Hitomi's eyes. [7]

The New Tao Edit

After several months researching the words of the New Tao, Ikudai and the Brotherhood still did not understand the paths set forth by the Hooded Ronin, even with the aid of prophets like Itako. Each phrase spoke of danger, and each riddle only led to more confusion. [8]

False Tao? Edit

Isawa Osugi had written the New Tao, and after his execution by Toturi I because of her kolat membership her blood stained its sacred parchment. If the words within were false, then only the Emperor knew the truth. [9]

Recovering the True Tao Edit

Ikudaiu 2


When the Lying Darkness began consuming historical records, he was the first to realize the New Tao would be threatened. He contacted the Kolat, hoping they might move it to safety. [5] Kage wished change the Tao to suit better with the Kolat Philosophy, [10] but Ikudaiu delivered half of the sole remaining complete copy of the Tao, which had been stolen by the Kolat, to Daidoji Rekai in 1132 in Phoenix lands. [11]

Sending Letters Edit

Ikudaiu penned several lengthy letters detailing his involvement with the Kolat and their operatives, which he sent to the Kitsuki Daimyo, the head sensei at the Doji Magistrate school, the head of the Kuni Witch Hunters, and a handful of high-ranking Asako Inquisitors and Shinjo Magistrates. [5]

Death Edit

Ikudaiu was killed shortly after by minions of the Lying Darkness, [12] who had wanted to remove all copies of the Tao from existence. [13] Ikudaiu died without ever knowing if his letters had been received. [5]

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