RPG Information Edit

Ikoma Yoriko

Ikoma Yoriko

Ikoma Yoriko, summoner of Yoriko no Oni

Statistics Edit

School/Rank Akodo Bushi 5
Air 5 Earth 5 Fire 6 Water 5 Void 4
Honor 0 (appear as a 3)
Glory 3

Important Statistics Edit

Attack 10k6
Damage 8k3
TN to be Hit 25
Wounds 10: -0
20: -1
30: -2
40: -3
50: -4
60: Down
70: Out
80: Dead

Skills Edit

Archery 5
Bard 4
Battle 3
Courtier 5
Defense 5
Etiquette 3
History 3
Kenjutsu 5
Maho 3
Shintao 5
Sincerity 5
Stealth 5

Special Abilities Edit

  • Oni's Disguise: Her pact with the oni shields Yoriko from detection of both her Shadowlands taint and her loss of honor.

Maho spells Edit

Curse, Dark Divination, Stealing the Soul, Summon Swamp Spirits, Touch of Death.

  • Summon Yoriko no Oni: Yoriko was hesitant to call her oni counterpart. She knew it only get her a little closer to her doom.

Major References Edit

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