Ikoma Yoriko

Ikoma Yoriko

Ikoma Yoriko was a bushi, kolat, and Maho-tsukai of the Lion Clan.

Kolat Edit

Yoriko was the perfect image of the dutiful samurai-ko, but she was the Kolat leader at Ryoko Owari Toshi. One of her underling was Soshi Seiryoku, [1] the leader of the Shosuro cartel. Seiryoku had been kidnapped by the kolat, and deceived by a Kolat Master into willingly sharing her name with an oni. After that it was easy to blackmail Seiryoku, who was obliged to follow the Kolat's commands, being Yoriko who gave the orders. [2]

Duty Edit

Yoriko was tasked to cripple or take over Rokugan's illegal opium trade. She chose the crippling way, which was instrumental in the outbreak of the Opium War. [1]

Yoriko no Oni Edit

Yoriko was a Maho-tsukai who bound herself to an oni, Yoriko no Oni. She used its power to further the goals of the kolat. Before the oni could consume her, Yoriko planned to get rid of it. It was a risky play, because her masters would destroy her if they realized her dark dealings. The oni put its mark on her, though not in any visible way. If cut, Yoriko bleeded maggots. [1]

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