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Ikoma Ukiyo 
Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Spouse: Ikoma Daishi 
Children: Ikoma Tsuchie

Ikoma Ukiyo was the wealthy widow of Ikoma Daishi, a famous Lion historian and member of the Kolat Silken Sect. [1]

Kolat Edit

Ukiyo was granted full access to the Ikoma Histories on the assumption that she merely wished to visit her husband. Ukiyo memorized entire passages from the Lion histories, later transcribing them and delivering them to the Cloud Sect via personal couriers. When Daishi died in the War of Spirits, Ukiyo no longer had a legitimate reason to enter the Lion archives. [2]

= Tea House Edit

Ukiyo became the owner of the House of the New Dawn in the City of Honor's Sacrifice, and a Kolat Oyabun. The tea house was one of the most important information centers in the Silken Sect. Its reputation was such that it catered to the highest ranking offices in the Lion Clan Army, who would become guests of the tea house. The Kolat recorded any information the soldiers revealed there. Though Ukiyo performed her task dutifully, she was unhappy with her current lot. [3]

Daughter Edit

Her daughter Ikoma Tsuchie was also a member of the Silken sect. They sought a marriage where Tsuchie could continue her mother's work, using her marriage to access critical information regarding her spouse's work. [2]


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