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Ikoma Toruken 
Ikoma Toruken 
Born: Unknown 
Parents: Ikoma Jun,
Ikoma Saiken

Ikoma Toruken was a bushi and a magistrate of the Lion Clan.

Family Edit

Ikoma Jun and Ikoma Saiken were the parents of Toruken. [1]

Ikoma Warden Edit

Toruken studied in the Ikoma Warden school and was appointed to patrol the Lion-Scorpion border. [1]

Plague War Edit

In 1172 Toruken detained Bayushi Himaru, who told a great threat were approaching Lion lands. He did not give any fact or even a complete explanation about the origin of the threat, so Toruken dismissed the Scorpion. Before Himaru departed he given Toruken a scroll with the personal seal of the Shosuro Daimyo Shosuro Toson as a last advice. [1]

Dewa attacked Edit

In the month of the Rooster [2] Toruken ordered the Wardens raced across the Lion provinces throughout the day. He alongside Akodo Jin saw a horde of Plague Zombies descending the mountains and slaughtering the villagers of Dewa. Leading the undead army was a zombie clad in black and red who moved with purpose and direction. They retreated to send word of the menace. [1]

Aichi Edit

Toruken informed Matsu Misato, the Lion commander of the area, about the horde. Misato had few forces at her disposal, being the majority of the Lion army in the southern border or with the Shogun. Matsu Mikura devised a plan, the village of Aichi would be used as a bait. The Lion waited until the undead, a fraction of the horde, swarmed it. The zombies were ambushed by the Lion forces and despite being less in numbers the tactic deployed would let the victory to the Lion. [3]

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