Ikoma Tomoi

Ikoma Tomoi

Ikoma Tomoi was a bushi and Warden in the Lion Clan.

War of Dark Fire Edit

In 1171 Tomoi was part of a Lion army on a duty posting on the Dragon Heart Plain, during the War of Dark Fire. A Unicorn scout under Moto Xiao command gave her a map with the size and placement of the various Yobanjin patrols they had been tracking. When it was seen by the commander Akodo Tadatoshi he recognized a pattern described in the gaijin book De Bellis Yoditorum, to send a wide range of patrols in order to sow discord and disguise true troop movement. One area where there should be a larger patrol, but there was not, leading to Shiro Mirumoto. [1]

Destroyer War Edit

Tomoi commanded the Ikoma Wardens during the Destroyer War. [2] The feud between Dragon and Lion was put aside during the war, and Tomoi's unit assisted in the patrol of the Dragon lands, taking a considerable toll on the scouting of the area performed by the Army of Fire. [3]

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