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Ikoma Tessen 
Ikoma Tessen
Created by: Unknown
First used by: Ikoma Jujinin
Currently in the possession of: Ikoma Hakige

The Ikoma Tessen was given to Ikoma's son, Ikoma Komori, by Akodo as a wedding gift. Legends said that Akodo tore the tessen from the stars themselves. It could be used as a signalling fan or as a weapon. [1]

Appearance Edit

It was made from sandalwood and decorated with the kanji and the Lion Clan mon on each of its spines. [2]

Abilities Edit

The tessen had been wielded by consumated courtiers or masterful battlefield tacticians. It increased its wielder performance on their duties. [3]

History Edit

Ikoma Komori kept the war fan with him at all times, only setting it aside on the day he gave his life to kill his nemesis, a Scorpion named Bayushi Karitono. Since then it had been handed down by each Ikoma Daimyo to the next. [4]

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