Ikoma Shinju

Ikoma Shinju

Ikoma Shinju was a bushi and scout of the Lion Clan who lived in the late twelfth, early thirteenth century. [1]

Demeanor Edit

Shinju was a ruthlessness warrior, absolutely single-minded when in battle and would not stop at nothing, short of breaking her oaths of bushido, to achieve victory. [2]

Yodotai Edit

In 1198 during one of her scouting missions in the Western Wastes, Shinju found the place where a battle had been fought. Unicorn corpses were sparsed, but none from their enemies, but a heavy gaijin blade, shorter than a wakizashi, completely straight, and tapered to a centered point at the end. [3]

Colonies Edit

This year Shinju was sent to the Colonies, and he was assisted by a native guide. When they were exploring his servant screamed and fled, and shortly after Shinju realized he was over a gigantic creature, [4] a spawn of vritra, in an area which would be known as Otemi's Sacrifice. [5]

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