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Ikoma Satoru 
Ikoma Satoru 
Born: Unknown 
Titles: Turquoise Champion

Ikoma Satoru was a bushi, artisan and tactician of the Lion Clan.

Great Hall of Records Edit

In 1170 during the construction of the Great Hall of Records, Satoru, Ikoma Korin, and Akodo Shigetoshi aided the builders to solve a problem, and during an incident Satoru was near to die by a fallen stone. [1]

Destroyer War Edit

Satoru fought in the Destroyer War against the Army of Fire. In one of the battle the yobanjin were pinned down in a narrow pass by the combined armies of Lion and Dragon Clan. [2] In 1172 Satoru was recovering from a wound earned in battle during the war. [1]

Turquoise Champion Edit

Ikoma Satoru 2

Ikoma Satoru

In 1198 Satoru became the Turquoise Champion. [3]

Fighting the Dragon in the Colonies Edit

When the Lion accused the Spider Clan of attacking their holdings in the Colonies, the Dragon as watchers of the Spider interceded and demanded some manner of explanation that truly showed the Spider's involvement. The Lion took that as an act of defiance and began striking out at the Dragon holdings in the Colonies, [4] and Satoru was one of the soldiers who fought the Dragon. [5]

Imperial Court Edit

When Satoru was in the Imperial City he unveiled pictures to the Imperial Court with scenes of the Colonies, as the one which depicted Shinjo Kinto, the Ninth Imperial Legion Commander, taken in custody by an Imperial, Otomo M'rika. She demanded satisfaction for the destruction of so many of her family's holdings during the Siege of the Second City. [6]

Stepping Down Edit

Satoru stepped down to better serve his clan as a warrior and a historian. [7] Doji Tatsuki became the new Turquoise Champion [8] He became a sensei and passed his knowledge to the new generations.

External Links Edit

Ikoma Satoru 3

Satoru Sensei

Preceded by:
Matsu Kasei
Turquoise Champion
1198 - 1199
Succeeded by:
Doji Tatsuki


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