Ikoma Ryozo

Ikoma Ryozo

Ikoma Ryozo was a bushi of the Lion Clan.

Early Years Edit

Birth Edit

Ryozo was sometimes called the dark samurai, for he was born deformed, with his limbs shrunken and hands withered. The night of his birth his mother stayed beside his cradle and prayed to the Fortunes. When the morning came, Ryozo had miraculously changed - his limbs were straight, and his hands strong. [1]

Secrets Edit

Ikoma Ryozo 1

Ikoma Ryozo

As he grew up, his mother came to be thought of as a paragon of virtue among the Ikoma family, her son's 'curing' being seen as a gift from the Sun Goddess. Ryozo's father, a samurai from the Matsu family, spoke little about his son's birth, and approached his wife only rarely after his birth. Some among the family said this was because he did not want to taint her purity, nor create another twisted child. [1]

In truth, he did not wish to know how his son had been changed, for he knew his wife was a dabbler in forbidden magics. After they had married, he found documents in a strange tongue containing maho, along with blood rituals and other dark secrets. He had forbidden her from using magic and burned all the documents, and never spoke of it again. [1]

Mother's Disappearence Edit

Shortly after his father was killed, Ryozo's mother left for a convent in the lands of the Dragon Clan, and Ryozo never knew that magic had saved his life. [2]

Station Edit

Ryozo was a good warrior, serving the Ikoma loyally on the fields of battle, although he has one strange quality. Ryozo possessed an unusual clarity in battle, the almost polar opposite of a berserker's rage. When he would fight, time itself seemed to slow around him, giving him much more time to study those around him. Ryozo named this state 'deathwatch', and whenever he entered this state, his body would glow dimly, and trails of shadow followed in the wake of his hands. [2]

Hidden Emperor Edit

Ryozo journeyed the Shadowlands in his search of the kidnapped Toturi I. [3]

Corruption Edit

Ikoma Ryozo 2

Corrupted Ryozo

Finally, Ryozo succumbed to the taint and was since remembered as a shame upon the Lion Clan. [4]

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