Ikoma Nidoko was a samurai-ko of the Lion Clan.

Suitors Edit

During her instruction in the Akodo War College Nidoko had two suitors, Matsu Okujo and Kakita Ryurai. Eventually Ryurai surrendered and Okujo became her fiance. [1]

Dishonor Edit

The couple met again Ryurai at Otosan Uchi, where the duelist continued to pursue his romance with Nidoko. Okujo killed Ryurai in a duel, with his ensuing dishonor for spilled noble blood inside the Emperor's own home. Okujo was banished from the Imperial City and Nidoko followed. [1]

Disappeared Edit

An ashamed Nidoko left Okujo and disappeared during the Lion-Crane War. Rumors of a samurai in the Phoenix lands matching her description, carrying a baby and traveling with a Crane samurai, abounded. [1]


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