Ikoma Matoko 
Ikoma Matoko 
Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Spouse: Daidoji Uragirin 
Children: Matsu Mikiu

Akodo Matoko was a Rikugunshokan of the Lion Clan. After the Akodo was disbanded, she joined the Ikoma as Ikoma Matoko.

Family Edit

Matoko was a landed noble with the Ear of the Emperor Hantei XXXVIII himself. She married to the Crane general Daidoji Uragirin, who merged his land at the edge of the Plain of Fast Troubles with her own, a pivotal territory for keeping peace between the clans. For nearly twenty years they lived in harmony, regardless of the derision they received from their clans. [1]

War Between Clans Edit

Daughter Edit

They had a daughter who passed her gempukku in 1122, at about the same time the Lion-Crane War erupted. The Imperial House allowed her to choose school, save the Akodo and Daidoji, to avoid further friction between the clans. She chose the Matsu, becoming Matsu Mikiu. [2]

Return to the Battlefield Edit

Matoko requested to allow her to stand down during the war, so she had not to fight her husband's clan. Uragirin was not as well stablished in the ranks of the Crane, vanishing into the north to join the Crane armies. Matoko immediately withdrew her petition and join his Clan army as well. [3]

Dishonored Edit

Matoko was so eager to follow her own agenda of revenge against the Crane that she sent an entire daibutai in a suicidal mission. She was retired from command at battlefield to be appointed as sensei and Lion Army Rikugunshokan at Otosan Uchi, taking residence in the Western Lion Embassy, under the direct orders of the Lion Clan Champion Akodo Toturi. An exile intended to protect the rest of the Lion from her. [3]

Daughter Edit

Her daughter Mikiu took over the family duties at their former home, but spent much time with her mother. Matoko knew she was having a romance with the impetuous Moto Ujiaki, stationed at the Unicorn embassy. [2]

Joining the Ikoma Edit

After the Scorpion Coup the Akodo family was disbanded. Matoko joined the Ikoma, as Ikoma Matoko. [4]

Storm over Matsu Palace Edit

Matoko fought the Unicorn in the Storms over Matsu Palace. [5] She was shocked when the army of oni sided with the Lion to save the day. [4]

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