Ikoma Histories

An Ikoma Record

The Ikoma Libraries were located at Kyuden Ikoma [1] and the libraries were tended by monks as they would a shrine. The Libraries were within a temple to Tengen, the Fortune of Literature. [2] They were also known as High Histories of the Ikoma. [3]

Founding Edit

Ikoma Noritobe impressed so greatly the Emperor Hantei Genji with the epic tale of "The Prince of Heaven", that the Ikoma family was granted the honor of record­ing the deeds of the Empire, and the scrolls would be placed within the Ikoma Histories. Noritobe was its first master, dying shortly fter the building was completed. His remains were interred at the base of the scroll racks that detailed the Dawn of the Empire. [4] The majority of the Ikoma Library was semi-open to the public, while the more detailed and comprehensive stacks were kept secured. [5]

Pride of Ikoma Family Edit

History and truth were the provinces of the Ikoma. Every scroll and paper must be perfect. The Ikoma libraries were the standard to compare any other record on the Empire. [6] A copy of each of the four treatises on warfare - Akodo's Leadership, Kakita's The Sword, Mirumoto's Niten and Bayushi Tangen's Lies were kept by the Ikoma. [7]

Writing the history Edit

After the second rising of Iuchiban the Emperor met with the Ikoma and the Shosuro, the two historian families of Rokugan. They made the Shosuro-Ikoma Alliance, and since then the history written in the Ikoma Histories or the Shosuro Records did not contain certain facts that happened. [8]

Loss of Ikoma Histories Edit

The Ikoma Histories was the most complete and accurate historical record in Rokugan. [9] In 1132 during the War Against Shadow the Lying Darkness destroyed every document within the libraries. [10] Few scrolls were rescued by daring bushi and historians who braved the fire, [11] including all those related to the dawn of the Empire. [4] The Ikoma dispatched agent across the Empire to rebuild their histories, gathering all the information in any record copied from the destroyed libraries. The Shosuro aided the Ikoma in his task. [6]

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