Ikoma Kyube 
Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Children: Several un-named 
Titles: Hosokawa Family Fouder

Ikoma Kyube was an intense man who spent most of his time out of the Ikoma lands. He was a rider who was always available to travel the Empire, recording important events for the Ikoma Libraries. Shortly after the Return of the Ki-Rin in 815 the Ikoma honored his dedication and honor granting him and his children the Hosokawa Vassal family name. The ancestral castle of the family was named after him, Shiro Kyube. [1] He developed the Single Purpose Lion feat[2]

Shrine Edit

The Shrine to Ikoma Kyube was built near the center of Hosokawa Mura, housing his wakizashiand journals. Chiseled in the stone were the words, "Truth is shaped by the witness", a quote from Kyube which would be invoked frequently by his descendants. [3]

Preceded by:
Hosokawa Family Fouder
815 - ?
Succeeded by:


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