Ikoma Kosaku

Ikoma Kosaku

Ikoma Kosaku was a bushi and tactician of the Lion Clan.

Opinion about Enlightenment Edit

Enlightenment was a fool's errand to Kosaku. He was a pragmatist and a warrior, with little time for foolish spiritual pursuits. With the Empire teetering on the brink of general war, indulgence in some foolish, inward-looking quest was selfish and dishonorable, and Kosaku would have none of it. [1]

Kumitae Tournament Edit

Ikoma Kosaku 2

Ikoma Kosaku

In 1168 Kosaku participated in a martial arts tournament, the Kumitae Tournament, which prize was a recently discovered martial arts manual written by Shinsei himself, the Kumitae. He was angered that the unicorn was marching towards Toshi Ranbo, yet he was there instead of on the field of battle. Kosaku saw Moto Kang, and expected to figh against him. [2]

Fighting Edit

Kosaku fought the phoenix Shiba Riza in the first round and won. In the second round he was angry because Kang had been defeated and he could not take a victory against him. His opponent in the second round, the Mantis Yoritomo Suketsune took advantage of the Lion's mood and turned his ferocity against him, gaining victory. One of the contenders, the ronin Masami was later exposed as a tainted Daigotsu's follower, and was killed by Hida Nichie. For her actions Suketsune considered Nichie a hero, she had sacrificed her body and possibly her soul in order to protect the rest of the contenders. Suketsune withdrew himself from the final round, being Nichie the Kumitae Champion. [2]

Station Edit

City of the Rich Frog Edit

In 1169 Kosaku was Chief Shireikan in the Ikoma Army, [3] the military commander in the City of the Rich Frog, and the non-military matter were oversaw by Kaeru Shioko, the city governor. [4]

Castle of the Swift Sword Edit

In 1170 he was appointed as rikugunshokan and stationed on the Castle of the Swift Sword. Matsu Watako was his Chief Shireikan. [5] He was considered a high ranking general of the Lion Clan Army. [6]

Destroyer War Edit

Kyuden Hida attacked Edit

Kosaku was alongside the Lion Clan Champion Akodo Shigetoshi when he led a Lion army to join the defense of the Kaiu Wall. Following the Fall of the Wall and the death of the Crab Clan Champion Hida Kuon during the opening phase of the Destroyer War, the gaijin turned toward Kyuden Hida. Shigetoshi and Ikoma Kosaku managed to destroy the first attack made by the yodotai Legulus, who was outmanouvered after he tried to take the palace with a wedge formation. [6]

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