Ikoma Komori 
Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Parents: Ikoma 
Siblings: Ikoma Jujinin,
7 un-named brothers 
Spouse: un-named wife 
Children: Un-named son 
Titles: Ikoma Daimyo

Ikoma Komori was son of the Ikoma family founder, Ikoma, and his successor as Ikoma Daimyo.

Demeanor Edit

Komori was a charismatic and passionate man who led his family with strength and vigour. His charm and cunning were legendary, and Komori was unmatched in single combat. [1]

Nemuranai Edit

Akodo himself gave the Ikoma Tessen as a wedding gift to Komori. [2] [3] The Hida family gave Komori a gift to commemorate the growing bond between the two families: a set of the Crab Clan's famed war drums, named Ikoma's Anvil. [4]

Nemesis and Death Edit

Komori's nemesis, Bayushi Karitono, plotted to shame the Ikoma daimyo both in court and on the battlefield, but was defeated at every turn. Their Blood Feud culminated when the Scorpion forced Komori into a position where he would die and protect his son and heir, or live and stop the death of a key Matsu general at the hands of Karitono. Komori duped the Scorpion into believing he had chosen to save his son, but two days later ambushed Karitono on the cliffs of Otosan Uchi where the Scorpion had planned the assassination of the Matsu. Both men fell to their deaths in the struggle, and Komori foiled his enemy a final time. [1]

Preceded by:
Ikoma Daimyo
82 - ?
Succeeded by:


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