Ikoma Kometsu was the governor of the Kurai District of Toshi Ranbo. He was a dignified samurai who earned his position after many years service to his Clan and Empire. [1]

Views on Politics Edit

Kometsu had little taste for politics, and generally presided over the court with a detached and almost amused air. He would watch as the courtiers wrangled over matters he often considered to be beneath the dignity of a samurai. His own attentions were occupied primarily with the governance of his district. [1]

Rebuilding Edit

In the time since the Winter of Red Snow, the Khan Moto Chagatai's invasion in 1169, Kometsu devoted himself to the labor of rebuilding the damage done to the district. As a result he spent even less time in court, allowing his various Imperial clerks and functionaries to run it as they saw fit. Naturally, the Otomo did not discourage this, since it served to further increase their influence in the city. [1]


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