Ikoma Kiyomako

Ikoma Kiyomako

Ikoma Kiyomako was a samurai-ko and Emerald Magistrate of the Lion Clan.

Investigation Edit

Kiyomako took Samayo as yoriki, a lecherous ronin shugenja. She was sent by the the Emerald Champion to investigate an incident, in part due to the Brotherhood of Shinsei's pleas. Two samurai were killed by peasant unrest in a Lion province, and that a large number of peasants were executed in retribution. The local daimyo, Akodo Odawara, claimed that peasants were hiding their crops, and two of his samurai were murdered when seeking for the missing rice. Kiyomako questioned the resident monk, Taizu, who seemed supportive of the rebellious peasants, learning than Odawara had ordered to execute no less than twenty peasants. Her yoriki used his gifts to ask the kami what had happened. Their wisdom let Kiyomako to find a camp under the command of Zanshin, a seasoned veteran of the Lion army who had served alongside Kiyomako in war. Zanshin had been hiding rice for the peasants, in the belief that doing so was a noble act, but his men killed the samurai when they found the rice cache. Kiyomako allowed the ronin to leave, but she reported all of the bandits fled when they were confronted by an Emerald Magistrate. Taizu was executed, because he had persuaded Zanshin to conceal rice for the peasants, and it was the monk who told the peasants they were right to resist their lord's taxes. She suggested Lord Odawara might wish to open some of his personal stores this winter, allowing his peasant to survive. [1]

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