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Ikoma Hiroshi was an Omoidasu courtier of the Lion Clan.

Family Edit

Hiroshi was the only son of an omoidasu who created countless works of few relevance, while his mother was a clerk in one of the minor libraries in the Ikoma lands. [1]

Early Years Edit

Hiroshi was a charismatic boy, and a natural leader, leading dozens of samurai children into one bit of mischief after another. He was a spoiled child whose parents never gave him any discipline for his transgressions. Hiroshi was egotistic, selfish, and ruthless, but he masked his true demeanor. [2]

Omoidasu Edit

Hiroshi joined the Open Hand of the Lion Dojo, and his teachers were charmed them with his friendly attitude. He was given an important post as the chronicler of Matsu Taniko, a promising young tactician. Hiroshi gained popularity with the tale of Taniko's deeds in the Dragon-Phoenix War. [2]

Bad Habits Edit

In 1163 Hiroshi spent his winter in Shiro Mirumoto while recording Matsu Tanashiku's exploits for posterity. He fell ill and was excused from his duties for a time. He spent some time gambling and drinking sake, and he never left these habits, falling deeper into his addictions. [2]

Yoshino's Tutor Edit

Hiroshi's rising fame led him to become the tutor of Matsu Yoshino, heir of the Lion Clan, who immediately gained a liking to the omoidasu, and they became fast friends. When in 1168 Yoshino raised as the Lion Clan Champion, Hiroshi became an important person. [2]

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