Ikoma Hidemasa was not well remembered among the Ikoma. He dishonored himself by fleeing a duel rather than facing his Crane rival, thus becoming ronin. [1]

The Seven Samurai Edit

A peasant village was attacked by bandits. Seven samurai gathered to defend it - Ikoma Hidemasa, an Otaku family magistrate, and five other ronin. They trained the peasants, and were impressed by the heroic spirit of one of the heimin boys, whom Hidemasa nicknamed "Toku," which means "virtue." During the fighting, all the samurai were killed, but Toku slew the bandit chieftain and thus saved his village. [2]

Death Edit

Toku was so inspired by Hidemasa's courage that he took up the bandit lord's daisho and decided to become a samurai. [3] Toku inherited Hidemasa's copy of Leadership and the Otaku steed of the fallen Unbicorn. [4]

Hidemasa's Shrine Edit

Naka Kuro in 1132 gave Toku a small shining sphere. He placed it inside the shrine he arranged for Hidemasa in the Hall of Ancestors in the Lion Clan lands. Toku did not know that the sphere was a piece of Iuchiban's heart. It was retrieved by Hida Kisada in 1166, and became instrumental in the finding of the Hidden Heart of Iuchiban, and therefore his permanent destruction. [5]


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