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Ikoma Hari 
Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Siblings: Ikoma Hitotsu

Ikoma Hari was an omoidasu of the Lion Clan.

Station Edit

Hari served as a diplomat to the Phoenix lands while his brother Hitotsu served in the retinue of Matsu Tishi, a popular and successtul Lion general. When they were both at Kyuden Ikoma, they frequented a sake house together. One day Hltotsu and Hari challenged each other to see who could better entertainn the crowd. The customers were amused by Hari's tale, but they were completely absorbed by Hitotsu's tale. The two brothers decided to meet again on the one-year anniversary of their storytelling duel to have a rematch. [1]

Death Edit

A few months after the duel, Hari fell to a Phoenix duelist who sought to cleanse his honor from his wife's transgressions with the Ikoma. A few days after Hari's duel, Hitotsu fell protecting his lord Tishi from ronin assasins. [1]


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