Ikoma Hakige 
Ikoma Hakige 
Born: Unknown 
Titles: Ikoma Daimyo

Ikoma Hakige was the Ikoma Daimyo at the end of the 12th century. [1] He was considered a paragon of Bushido.

Demeanor Edit

Hakige was gruff, unpleasant, and eccentric man. [2] He could drank more than one of Crab berserkers and then managed to swindle a Yasuki out of a shipment of ore. [3] Hakige had accumulated a reputation as a boorish man, and he did not attend a great many formal meetings outside the Lion lands. [4]

Ikoma Daimyo Edit

Honored Guest Edit

Iweko Seiken, older son of the Empress Iweko I, had been raised by the Lion Clan. In 1198 he was under the tutelage of Hakige at Kyuden Ikoma. Once his training with Lion completed, he had training with the Scorpion, and later with the Crane Clan. [1]

Second City Edit

In 1198 Hakige presented to the Imperial Court the accounts of the Siege of the Second City. The Second City had surrendered to the Ninth Imperial Legion and the escapee Imperial Governor of the Colonies Otomo Suikihime had been stricken from their family rolls by the Otomo. [4] Hakige thought Kuni Daimyo Kuni Renyu was to blame for the great violence at the Second City, and the Imperials' leader, Shinjo Kinto, shared some responsibility as well. [3] Once the order and the governor was restored, Hakige annotated the rebuilding efforts in the city. [5]

The Scorpion Threatens Edit

While the Lion Clan Champion Akodo Dairuko was in the Colonies, the Scorpion Clan began to test the Lion. Emerald Magistrates of the Soshi family were inspecting Lion transports with particular scrutiny, delaying them. As the conflict escalated, Hakige was visited by Doji Shirarou and his aide Asahina Umeko, who requested Hakige to avoid any engage between both Clans. [6]

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