Ikoma Gunjin 
Ikoma Gunjin 
Born: Unknown 
Died: c. 1133 
Titles: Taisa of the Ikoma Elite Guard

Ikoma Gunjin was a Tai-sa of the Ikoma Elite Guard. [1]

Second Imperial Edict Edit

The role of Right Hand of the Emperor came from the Lion to the Unicorn Clan in 1132 enacted by an Imperial Edict of the returned emperor Toturi I. He also ordered to punish the Lion because their corruption. [2] The first Lion stronghold to fall was Toshi sano Kanemochi Kaeru, the City of the Rich Frog. [1]

Lion Clan corrupted by Kitsu Okura Edit

Gunjin fought this year beside Shiro Matsu in the battle of Storms over Matsu Palace alongside with oni in the dark times of Jade Champion Kitsu Okura. He parleyed with Shinjo Hanari before the battle, but the Lion stood firm in their belief that the Unicorn had no authority to enforce an archaic dictate, while the Unicorn demanded that the letter of the law be obeyed. [3] Later he fought against the Unicorn in the siege at Kyuden Ikoma, where the Unicorn were defeated again by Okura no Oni. Gunjin saw with surprise how the spirits of the dead Unicorns rose and moved again, with a strange confusion. After a horn cried from the farthest wastes of the Shadowlands they vanished, galloping to the South. [1]

Hitomi Edit

Ikoma Gunjin 2

Ikoma Gunjin

Gunjin later met Hitomi at Kenson Gakka during the Twenty-Seven Days of Darkness and asked to serve her. [4]

Death Edit

When Gunjin already should have retired from active duty, he met the famed Suana in the temple where Toturi had been taught by the monk. During their meetings in a small tea house near Kyuden Ikoma, they played many games of go as they traded ideas. Several month before the Battle of Oblivion's Gate they left an standstill unresolved game. They both decided to leave the game as it was and to finish it when they next met. Unfortunately, both Suana and Ikoma Gunjin fell in battle before they could reunite. The owner of the tea house left their game in its unfinished state in their honor. [5] Gunjin left a journal, Gunjin's Pride, with his accounts in the Lion march to Volturnum, [6] and a nemuranai of note, Gunjin's Katana. [7]

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