Ikoma House Guard

Ikoma Elite Guardians

The Ikoma Elite Guardians served as yojimbo to the important leaders of the Ikoma family. Their signature weapon was the No-dachi. [1]

Historical Elite Guardians Edit

The first Ikoma Elite Guardians were not soldiers at all, but rather an association of yojimbo serving the Lion courtiers and ambassadors in Otosan Uchi. These yojimbo were seconded to the Seppun Guardsmen protecting the city, and took to using the no-dachi as their weapon of choice. This tradition spread and the Elite Guardians were created. [2]

Current Duty Edit

His ancient role finished with the Fall of Otosan Uchi, and they took another similar to that of other Elite Guard units, responsible for ensuring the safety and security of essential Ikoma strongholds and the family's leaders. They were trained to fight purely on the defensive. [1]

Slaughtered Edit

In 1168, during the Fall of Kyuden Ikoma, the Elite Guards were slaughtered to the last man by the Khan's army. [1]

Known Members Edit

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