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Ikoma Dayu 
Born: 812 
Died: 843 
Parents: Un-named Ikoma Daimyo

Ikoma Dayu was a controversial Omoidasu whose radical opinions on history might have been discarded were he not the son of the Ikoma Daimyo. Dayu was unsatisfied with the Ikoma Histories, finding them stale, boring, and uninteresting. He believed that the historians should be entertaining as well as informative, to attract readers, who would sharpen their minds, and pride in one's clan and family would grow. Dayu's recounted of the Battle of White Stag and the War Against Iuchiban were legendary, epic tales. Many criticized the historical accuracy of Dayu's tales, but his works remained popular. [1]

Death Edit

Dayu investigated the ancient Lion Clan Champion Matsu Itagi, and his journey to (and death in) the Shadowlands at the side of Hida Tadaka. His account painted Itagi as foolish and incompetent, and the later portions of the scroll were written in a nervous hand and contained a few personal references to how “I will defy these Matsu thugs. The truth will out.” Dayu died shortly after these words were written. These accounts had been lost and they were recovered in the 12th century, by a samurai who claimed he had been guided by Dayu's ghost. [1]


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