Ikoma Daikaji was a honest omoidasu of the Lion Clan.

Controversial Tale Edit

Daikaji wrote a tale depicting the deeds of the Lion hero Akodo Keikyo, The Valiant Akodo Keikyo. It was a controversial account, because it also included mention of the bushi's drunken geisha-chasing. His sensei granted Daikaji a mission in the more amenable Crab lands. [1]

Crab Lands Edit

Daikaji spent a year following Hida Kirenai through the Shadowlands, returning with chronicles of the Lava Forest, the Sixty-Year Chasm, the Fields of Hair, the caves south to the River of the Dark Moon, the Oni Graveyard, or the abandoned troll city of Toshi no Kijo. The work did little enough to enhance poor Kirenai's reputation and the thick scroll was stored unsealed in the back of the library. Daikaji was immediately foisted off on the "civilized" Unicorn. [2]


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