Ikoma Chikao

Ikoma Chikao

Ikoma Chikao was a bushi of the Lion Clan.

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Ikoma Warden Edit

Chikao was appointed to serve in the Ikoma Wardens shortly after his gempukku, as a yoriki to a magistrate at Rengai Mura for a year. [1]

Advisor Edit

In 1159 Ikoma Otemi became the governor of Shiranai Toshi, but his duty and growing love of the sea had both his heart and his body far from Shiranai Toshi. Chikao was appointed as his advisor and Shiranai Toshi was put under Chikao's watch. [2]

Kyuden Ikoma attacked Edit

In 1168 Chikao was the captain of the watch at Kyuden Ikoma after a fever crippled the Ikoma Elite Guardians overseeing the castle. [1] This year the Khan Moto Chagatai began his winter campaign against the Lion Clan seeking the empty Imperial Throne, the Khan's Defiance. All of Chikao's superiors left with the army to fight the Unicorn at Shiranai Toshi, leaving Chikao as the ranking officer at Kyuden Ikoma. When the Lion Clan Champion Matsu Yoshino and his advisor Ikoma Otemi arrived with more troops, Chikao and the two began planning the defenses of the castle. Otemi was seriously injured during the defense of Kyuden Ikoma, and Chikao was tasked by Yoshino to personally ensure Otemi survived the withdrawal to Bishamon Seido. [3] Chikao was appointed as Legion Commander of the Ikoma Army. [4]

Chui Edit

Chikao was elevated as chui of the Warden, overseeing the patrols for three entire provinces. He answered directly to his lord Ikoma Korin, and joined Matsu Yoshino's command staff for temporary duty. [1]

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