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Ikoma Ayumi

Ikoma Ayumi

Ikoma Ayumi was a bushi and magistrate of the Lion Clan.

Fallen Edit

Ikoma Ayumi 2

Ikoma Ayumi

Ayumi fell to the madness P'an Ku exerted upon many Rokugani in the Colonies. [1]

Warlord under Arrest Edit

In 1199 Isawa Hibana and Ikoma Yamahatsu took the nun Aranai into custody and brought her back to the Second City. Aranai had killed the Defender of the Second City Asako Karachu in a duel, suffering the disparagement of an entire city. Hibana wished to know what really happened in the duel, and the undertaking was fraught with peril and had a high likelihood of death or disgrace. She entrusted Asako Ifukube for the task, [2] while Yamahatsu appointed Ayumi. During the interrogation Aranai told that Karachu had become a terrible thing before she killed him. [3] Aranai’s account of Karachu’s behavior was not in keeping with what they knew of the madness spawned by P’an Ku. Ifukube decided they must speak with the Spider Clan. [4]

Hero Edit

Eventually Ayumi recovered her sanity, becoming a hero of her clan. [5] In the Colonies, she helped the people against bandits. [6]

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