Ikoma Anakazu 
Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Children: Ikoma Tsanuri 
Titles: Ikoma Daimyo

Ikoma Anakazu was the daimyo of the Ikoma family.

Lion-Unicorn War Edit

The Emperor ordered the Unicorn to make peace with the Lion and declared that the Ikoma Daimyo and his family should live among the Unicorn Clan to learn their ways of living, and to share with them the customs of the Lion Clan. [1]

Unicorn lands Edit

During his stay with the Unicorn, his daughter went missing. Because of his pride, Anakazu would not allow the Unicorn to mount a search until the next morning when his host confronted him with the Honor that would be lost if something had happened to the Lion child in Unicorn lands. The child was missing for one night, and the next day Anakazu's wife, frightened, disappointed her husband when she begged Gaemon for aid. The Unicorn found the child standing upon a black viper, where she had been, unmoving, since the previous night to avoid the snake any chance to bite her. The name of the viper was tsanuri, 'patient death', [2] a proper name to a Lion samurai-ko, Ikoma Tsanuri.


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Preceded by:
Ikoma Daimyo
(c. 1108)
Succeeded by:

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